Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Pos. Ed Whanau Day!

On Friday the whole school split into Whanau groups to explore some of the Character Strengths we talk about daily at school.

Susie and Anna's Whanau group explored the Character Strengths of:

Throughout the day we worked in small groups to unpack each strength. Some of us read picture books about the strengths and did role plays. 

Some of us had challenges or scavenger hunts to help us find out more about the strengths. We all worked together to contribute ideas and help each other understand the Characters Strengths better.

Our aim for the day was to create a collaborative piece of artwork to represent the Character Strength we were focusing on. Each piece of Character Strength art will be put together to make a display for us to use in each space across the school.

Our Whanau group was lucky enough to have two very talented artists from our community share some advice on important things to think about when creating a piece of art.

Check out our amazing artwork. Thanks so much to all our wonderful parents who came to help run workshops.

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