Wednesday, 29 November 2017

African Dance--trying new things and growing our minds and bodies

We were lucky to have Naby visit us and teach us some traditional West African dance, drumming and singing.   First he showed us some dance, then we sang some songs, practised dancing and then learned a bit about the drums.  He showed us three different drumming sounds.  He explained that the sounds are like a family there is the deep sound which he called the Daddy, a slightly higher one that is called the Mommy and the highest sound was the baby.  
Each class had a turn at trying the dance and then the teachers did it too!  

The dancing and drumming were really good for our maths because we had to count the beats.  
1,2,3, 1,2,3, 1,2,3,4, 5,6,7,8

Learning about African Dance was really good for us to be able to see how different places, people and cultures sing and dance and for us to give something new a try.  Everyone did give it a try and we know that when we try new things we grow our brains! Music and dancing are also really great for our wellbeing and link to our positive health curriculum.  Singing and dancing out in the sunshine and with the birds was lots of fun and got us moving and grooving! 

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


On Fridays over the last few weeks we have been going to visit the area that we will be working in next year. Last Friday parents were invited to come to transition and it was lovely to see so many new parents. Thanks to all the children who came and introduced their parents to us. And thanks to all the parents who came to visit.

We have the POWER to ...

We have been thinking particularly hard this Inquiry into ways we can be powerful ourselves. We began by brainstorming all the ways we could use our power to change something for the better. 

Some of us decided to connect with others and use our power collectively and some of us have decided to work on more individual or personal matters.

Have a look at all the ways we can use our POWER ...

Grooving with Naby Bangoura!

On Tuesday we were super lucky to have Naby Bangoura visit Worser Bay School and teach us some traditional dancing.

Naby is a dance master from Guinea and is in NZ at the momment running some classes and workshops.

The whole school joined together on bottom court to learn some traditional dance moves and hear some wonderful drumming by Jennifer and her crew. We also found out the names of the special drums and the different sounds they make.

Thank you so much to Jennifer for organising the visit, Naby for teaching us some great dance moves and to the drummers for giving up their lunch time to provide us with some music.

Writing Workshops

This week our writers have been busy running workshops.

Today some of our writers ran workshops around punctuation, editing. using WOW words and similes, handwriting and letter sounds/blends.


The workshop leaders did a wonderful job of explaining their lesson focus and were patient, kind and encouraging to all those that attended their workshop. We were impressed with how many of our writers wanted to step up and lead a workshop.


At the end of our writing workshops we reflected on how they went and what we enjoyed about them. Here's what our writers thought:

"I liked being able to teach my friends things that I am good at".

"It was cool that my friend could teach me some things in writing that I find tricky".

"I wasn't sure if I wanted to lead a workshop but once I did, it was so much fun".

Tino pai rawa atu to all those leaders that led a workshop and to all our writers for collaborating and working respectfully with each other.


Friday, 24 November 2017


We have really enjoyed learning new football skills this term. The instructors and teachers have been impressed at how much better we have become. We have had to use plenty of perseverance as the weather has become warmer- it's hot work! The instructors also commented on how well behaved we all are, and how pleased they are with our participation, competitiveness and supportive team work.
Well done Tautoru!!! 


Today at Discovery time we had four collaborative activities to choose from.
We could choose to:
*make a collaborative piece of art, drawing and painting pieces of nature
* make up a piece of music and some lyrics in a group
*choose a costume from the dress ups and in groups make up a play that uses those costumes
*with our friends see how many spoons of water it will take to fill a cup to a certain level and how many claps we can do while we throw different balls in the air

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Transition to Matariki/ Mahutonga

Every year we have some time to work in our new spaces with other people that we will be collaborating with. We call this "Transition!" Last Friday, our Year 4 and 5 students took the Year 3 students around the space so that they will be familiar with the layout. We had to think like architects and draw a plan of the space.

We would like to invite parents to our transition time this Friday!

Transition across Spaces - Friday 24 November, 9.30 to 10am - ALL WELCOME
Come along to Karakia, have a cuppa and then at 9.30-ish you can pop along to your child's new space for 2018. The thinking was to especially provide an opportunity for parents of Autahi children moving to Tautoru and parents of Tautoru children moving to Mahutonga/Matariki to chat with teachers and see their children in their new spot. It's not exclusive, however, as it's also a great chance to meet different parents who have children already in that space. SO ALL WELCOME! The more the merrier really. Come and get familiar in your 2018 environment!

BYOD Question and answer meeting: Friday 24 November - 10am in staffroom
Our Chromebooks and iPads have led to incredible opportunities for our students over the last few years. The school has increased technology by around 50% in the last three years which has been so fortunate. Our learners to be connected more and more. So, we need to keep the BYOD growing in order to keep our students connected to all of the new, exciting learning possibilities.

Senior students at Worser Bay School are able to bring a digital device to school to assist their learning. This is not compulsory but we would like to encourage people who are able, to get on board.

Worser Bay School uses technology as one way of enhancing our mission to teach the skills, knowledge and behaviours students will need as responsible citizens in the global community. Students learn collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking in a variety of ways throughout the school day.

In an effort to increase access to those 21st Century skills, Worser Bay School allows personal devices on our network and school grounds for students who follow the responsibilities stated in the Student Acceptable Use of Technologies Agreement and the BYOD Information and Permission form.

Worser Bay School strives to provide appropriate and adequate technology to support learning.  The use of personal devices by students is optional, and students who do not participate in BYOD will be be able to use chromebooks provided by the school.

An important component of BYOD is education about appropriate online behaviours.  We will review cyber-safety rules with students frequently throughout the course of the school year and will offer reminders and reinforcement about safe online behaviours.  In addition to the rules outlined in these guidelines, students will be expected to comply with all class and school rules while using personal devices.  The use of technology is not a necessity but a privilege.  When abused, privileges will be taken away.

If you are interested in purchasing a device before the start of school, we have provided some guidance below. If you have any questions before the end of the term, please see or email Nicola or John:
, or

Students can use their devices throughout the day for collaborative learning, web-based research and applications, including creating documents and presentations.

What students say:

We asked students “How does BYOD help you with your learning?”
“It helps me with my learning because it is easier to sign in. Google Docs help because you can type whatever you want and carry on at home if you want.”

“I think it gives you more freedom with what you can do or can’t do. It helps that you don’t have the pressure to find a computer when you need it. You can definitely use it to learn at home too. You can go on Maths links or keep going with writing docs.”

“Sometimes if you have your own device you can use it when you want. I like to use devices for typing because it is easier for me to get the ideas down.”

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Solar, Wind, Hyrdo power

We have just finished our inquiry into the power of wind, water, and the sun.

It has been fantastic to see the children so engaged and enthusiastic about researching and sharing their knowledge. We spent Monday this week celebrating and sharing with other groups what we have learned.

We had groups of children sharing experiments, videos, creating plays, making models, and working windmills!


Scott and Wanwan's literacy group have been learning about alliteration. We wrote a paragraph using the first letter of our name along with words that included the same sound.

Creative Cameron crushed Coco’s caper castle keeping Karen crying crumbs while catching killer creative cranberries. Colin cracked kinder eggs carefully so Coco can create cracking coconut creatures craving Karens creamy conditioner.

We edited this piece of writing and have published them ready for display. 

Hacker Hadley hacked hardcase Hanna.
How had hacker Hadley hacked hardcase Hanna?
Harry helped hacker Hadley hack Hanna’s house. “Hurry Hanna”  harked Hadley.
Hoping he had his hacking hat handy.

Matthias makes marshmallow monsters.  

Mae makes monsters milk.

Mum makes metal moustaches.

Melanie makes magic mince.
Molly makes maze maps.

We will draw a picture using a word from our paragraph for the classroom. Come in and check them out!

Thursday, 16 November 2017


This week we looked at 2D and 3D shapes. We designed our own lunchbox by drawing the foods we wanted and then naming the shapes within the lunchbox. Have a look at some of them.