Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Writing Workshops

This week our writers have been busy running workshops.

Today some of our writers ran workshops around punctuation, editing. using WOW words and similes, handwriting and letter sounds/blends.


The workshop leaders did a wonderful job of explaining their lesson focus and were patient, kind and encouraging to all those that attended their workshop. We were impressed with how many of our writers wanted to step up and lead a workshop.


At the end of our writing workshops we reflected on how they went and what we enjoyed about them. Here's what our writers thought:

"I liked being able to teach my friends things that I am good at".

"It was cool that my friend could teach me some things in writing that I find tricky".

"I wasn't sure if I wanted to lead a workshop but once I did, it was so much fun".

Tino pai rawa atu to all those leaders that led a workshop and to all our writers for collaborating and working respectfully with each other.


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