Thursday, 24 February 2022

Inquiry- Using our superpowers to learn about Friendship.

How do we get to know new people? How do we learn to be good friends? What Character Strength Superpowers can help us? These are some of the questions we have been investigating.

Learning to be a good friend requires different superpowers and we have been investigating what that means. We learned that character strengths like Teamwork, Kindness, Social Intelligence and Self-Regulation are important so that we can grow our friendship circles.

We did some beautiful friendship art to show our ideas. We drew different ways that we will show our character strengths and be good friends to one another. We made friendship Koru!

Preparing our garden beds

This week we have been busy weeding and getting our garden beds filled with new crops as well as giving some TLC to some very sturdy tomatoes that have thrived in the summer heat.

First we had to do a lot of weeding and get rid of snails that love to feast on our vegies.
We then planted some more tomatoes that love the sun we get on our back court.

Finally we gave everything a good water. 

We will keep adding more seedlings over the coming days so look out for more updates. We can't wait to see how our new crop grows.

Thursday, 17 February 2022

I can be your Hero! 🦸‍♀️ 🦸‍♂️

Tautoru’s inquiry focus for term one is superheroes! However, we aren’t focusing entirely on the superheroes that you see on Marvel. Instead we are learning that there is a unique hero inside every single one of us! To find this hero, we are focusing on taking care of ourselves, others and our school environment. We are also learning from superheroes, diving into their character strengths, and where they go to for help. 

This inquiry links to our school-wide writing focus, creating a Zine which we can share with the Worser Bay community and beyond! We are beginning to work on Comic Strips to create our very own superhero stories, and are learning more about magazines in general to generate inspiration.

Here are the facial expressions we have been practising to draw in our comics, as well as drawings of ourselves as superheroes, surrounded by our superhero support system!

Enjoying the Cricket 🏏 in the Sunshine ☀️

Tautoru’s PE focus for term one is ball skills. We have been practising throwing and catching with a range of ball sizes and our skills are already improving! Alongside practising our fundamental movement skills, we will be playing a range of ball games and have a trip to the ASB Centre in the works for later this term.

On Tuesday, as part of our practice, we had our friends from Cricket Wellington come and teach us the basic skills of cricket. Our tamariki practised recall speeds, throwing, bowling and batting!

Thursday, 10 February 2022

Celebrating the Lunar New Year and our new beginnings

Last week we spent time getting to know our learning space and sharing fun experiences. We played games and got to know each other. One of our tasks was to create red lanterns for the Lunar New Year which is celebrated across parts of Asia and around the world. This year is the year of the tiger!

We used red paper as this symbolises vitality, celebration, good fortune, good luck and prosperity. . These lanterns will adorn Tautoru for the first few weeks. We had a lot of fun creating our decorations that also mark the beginning of our school year.

The Outdoors as our Learning Space

We are so lucky to have so many beautiful outdoor spaces around our school, so this week we took advantage of the good weather and headed to Worser Bay Beach with Autahi as well as enjoyed the outdoors at school for some sports skills.

At the beach we used our creativity and spent time building different designs. Some of us made tunnels, others dug as deeply as we could or creating complex structures using the materials around us. We found interesting creatures and different materials like sea glass, different rocks and shells. It was a lot of fun spending time discovering our outdoors with our new learning buddies.

At school we have begun our sports skills practices focusing on ball skills such as throwing, catching, and striking. These will help us with coordination, teamwork and when playing sports like floorball, netball and cricket.