Thursday, 31 August 2017

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

We think it was the Olympics training day.

On Tuesday we had a day to grow our muscles and use our growth mindset.
This is part of our Inquiry to experience being active and ways to make our body stronger.

Here are some comments from Tautoru:

Nye: It was super because of all the new sports we learnt!
Cameron: It was fantastic because I got to learn how to play floorball.
Otto: It was unbelievable because we get to do so many cool sports.
Zac: I cried because I tripped over a hockey stick and landed on my face, but I got up.
Scott: I found tip-tapping in futsal difficult because I kept tapping it too hard. It’s a skill!  

Cooper and Coco: I learnt that a futsal ball and a football is different, futsal balls are heavier because of the the futsal court is smaller and it doesn’t need to go as far.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

September Disco

In September we are having an ‘80’s disco at the Salvation Army Hall in Miramar.
The disco will be full of crazy dress ups of 80’s singers, stuff that was made in the 80’s, and much more!
The crazy disco is in Week 8 on Friday 15th of September.
Remember to show up in your most epic and craziest 80’s costume!
But always remember, this disco is optional so you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.


Disco dancer
Rubik's cube
Fluro or Highlighter coloured clothes
Glitter clothes
Afros or big hairstyles
Anything crazy!!!!
Also remember to have fun at this crazy party!

Teach us something!

What do you know really well? What are you good at? Can you show us?
Soccer, tennis, ukulele, Kong Fu, animals, basketball, cricket, ballet .... The list went on and on!

On Thursday we spent a morning learning about what are the ways to show and celebrate our learning.
Part of our inquiry model "I am celebrating", that means we show and reflect on our learning. And of course thinking about where next?

Here are some video of us showing and teaching:

Monday, 28 August 2017

New Addition - Online Math Tab!

You may have noticed that our Blog has a new tab....It's our "Online Math" tab. It sits right underneath our site photo (see below)

Anyone with a school Gmail account can now access "Maths Hub" via our blog, which is an online tool we use at school to learn and practise math.

On Math Hub there are video lessons for each strategy we learn at school. There are games to help us practise our new strategy too. Math Hub has lots of reseources for areas such as Statistics, Geometry, Measurement, etc.

Last week Shona and Susie's math group had a go at "Computer Math" (with help from Nicola). Through our student and Tautoru Gmail accounts we followed links in an email related to our group focus for the week to "Learn It", "Practise It" and "Prove It".

First we watched a video that gave us a lesson on our strategy for the week.


Then we played some games that helped us practise the strategy.

Once we felt confident using the strategy we had to PROVE we understood it by solving some problems on Seesaw.

We saw some great problem solving and enjoyed seeing all the strategies people came up with to solve each problem.

Remember if you are in Shona and Susie's math group and you feel like keeping up the practise at home, you can access lessons and games via your student email.

Keep your eyes on Seesaw to see all the great strategies we will be learning and sharing with you at home :)  

Thursday, 24 August 2017


As part of our inquiry into the power of the body we have been learning about muscles.

We drew outlines of our bodies and then labeled the different muscles groups.

Body Riddles

We have been learning to write riddles. During literacy today we shared our riddles with Shona's literacy group. They were awesome at guessing!

Here are some examples

What Am I?

I was in a train when this was what I thought.
How do you think?
How do you write?
How do you do things like drink up sprite!?

What Am I?

I live near your spleen
and spray your food with green
I'm connected to your oesophagus
but not exactly seen.

What am I?

These organs come in two
They're like your intestines
But they make you do wee
But you can never have nine.

What Am I?

I help you think
I help you to move
I help you to blink
I help you to groove.

What Am I?

Sometimes it's a pain
(when it hurts)
It helps you to grow
If you don't have it you couldn't
taste, smell, write or think.

Epic Week of Dress Up.


We have the EPIC WEEK OF DRESS UP coming up next week (Week 6) from Tuesday - Friday.

The different dress ups are....
Come dressed up next week:
Wednesday - ANIMALS
Friday - PYJAMAS (and ORANGE DAY for Year 5/6s!)

This is optional. We are doing this because it is fun, it makes us feel free, and we love dressing up! It also helps our Wellbeing because it gives us an option to have fun and dress up together.

      By Evie, Caitlyn and Kate.





Wellbeing workshop

Wellbeing Workshop.
Thanks so much to all the parents who came to the Wellbeing Workshop and participated with such enthusiasm and energy. What a buzz there was in the room with all the character strength discussions, the breathing exercises to enhance positive emotions, looking at Kaizen steps to break down the goals for a positive purpose, recognising the benefits of positive relationships when solving maths problems, being positively engaged by working collaboratively to construct a house, understanding the schooldocs, recognising the advantages of exercise and meditation for positive health and accepting the challenges involved in positive accomplishment when using chop sticks to move around a range of strangely shaped objects. Plus all the motivational speakers and discussions.
It sure took a while to unwind from the excitement and get off to sleep that night, but so positive to be realising the message is reaching the children from both home and school.
Thanks for coming!

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Kei te pehea te ahua o te rangi?

We are learning this phrase about the weather in Te Reo ...

Kei te pehea te ahua o te 
(How's the weather?)

Here are some videos of some keen Te reo speakers modelling to us how we can ask and answer this question.

Kei te hauahu (windy) ...can you tell?

Kei te makariri (cold)

We know lots of other terms to describe the weather. Ask us at home. We'd love to teach you some :) 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

More news from Emelie in Singapore.

Here is an awesome story of Emelie diving and swimming in Singapore.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Being in the Now

Mindfulness is a big part of how we set ourselves up for a great day at school. In the mornings (especially) we like to start our day the way we hope to finish it....

                     calm                                   alive

Mindfulness helps us to be present. It promotes positive health.

In Tautoru we have been taking some time to listen and tune in to what our bodies are saying.

We have been doing some breathing exercises that enable us to focus on how our bodies are feeling and where our thoughts are.

As we breathe in and out we let go of any feelings of worry, nervousness, agitation or stress. We just let them go.

Instead we think of how light our mind and bodies are and how that makes us feel.

We begin to think about what's coming up next and how we would like to feel about our day at school.

Spending this time tuning in to ourselves and our feelings is a part of the day that we really enjoy.

We'd love to see you at our Parent Workshop on Wellbeing and Positive Education next week - Tuesday 22nd August, 6.45pm. It will be a chance to find out what we do at school to promote positive wellbeing and health and why it's so important to us.



Astrid and Helen Visit Tautoru

We were really lucky to have Astrid and Helen come and visit us today in Tautoru. They spent some time with us to help us get to know about the human body and its organs better. We loved having them come and visit us. Thanks so much!


First we got into teams. There were Brain, Heart, Kidney, Digestive and Lung teams. In our teams we had to match facts about our organ from an envelope. 

Then we thought up some of our own facts to go with our organ. We also wrote down some fabulous questions to find out more about our organ.

 Some of our fantastic questions were:

-Why do we have two kidneys?
-What would happen if one of our kidneys stopped working?
-Do animals have the same heart as a human?
-Why does the heart have so many tubes?
-What do your kidneys actually do?
-What makes your heart beat?
-Is the small intestine connected to the large intestine?

Thursday, 10 August 2017


This week is Peace Week. Shona and Susie's writing groups did some wonderful writing using our senses around what peace looks, smells, tastes, sounds and feels like.

Peace smells like delicious cookies.
Peace tastes like water.
Peace looks like me and my mum hugging each other.
Peace sounds like crashing waves.

Peace looks like the sunny beach.
Peace smells like chocolate lollipops.
Peace tastes like creamy ice cream.

Peace looks like shiny, glittery stars.
Peace smells like fresh and colourful flowers.
Peace tastes like sticky raspberry cake.
Peace feels like wet rivers.

Peace looks like seeing the world for the first time as a baby.
Peace smells like the wind.
Peace tastes like strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Peace looks like a waterfall splashing down on rocks.
Peace smells like fresh sparkling lemonade.

Peace looks like fresh air blowing around.
Peace tastes like vanilla ice cream.