Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Ball skills and Skipping

Tautoru's Physical Education programme this Term is all about developing ball skills and our fine motor skills.

Soccer is one of the sports that we are using to develop ball skills. Students have been learning about trapping the ball and passing into space. We have a very keen group of footballers and it has been great to see so many of our students giving it a go.

With the Spring and Summer vibe what could be better than a bit of tennis! We worked on balancing a ball on the racquet rolling it around and keeping it level. It was a challenge but we also practiced bouncing the ball onto the ground and back again.

Skipping is making a come back! We have had a students across the school skipping in groups, individually and with their besties.

In Tautoru skipping is helping to develop fine motor skills, lift our heart rates and learn how to jump. Lots of fun and so great to see it all in action.


Today we were joined in Tautoru with the students from Autahi , their big buddies from Mahutonga and the learners of Tautoru.

We spent the afternoon unpacking the Character Strength of Humility.

A very important character strength that helps us to feel proud of our efforts but also to identify the strength and power in others.

We spent time discussing what we are proud of in ourselves. We came up with lots of ideas around the sports we play, games at school and of course, our learning.

We also shared ideas about how to give others compliments and to acknowledge them for their efforts.

We then created scales for our Rainbow Fish with compliments for the people we appreciate in and outside of the classroom.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Our Backyard, Our Voice Inquiry- I am Connected

Our Inquiry this term is all about connecting to our place and finding problems to help create solutions.

I am Connected is our Learner Attribute for this term:
- I can build relationships
- I can communicate -contribute and collaborate- be part of a team
- I can connect to my place, environment and globally.

We had some ideas about about some problems we’ve spotted around the school but we wanted to develop our thinking further and connect with others. Part of the Learner Attribute I am Connected is about building relationships and communicating clearly with others.

We have found problems do with the plants around the school and how people use them for games. Are there ways we can help the plants and also help people be creative around them? We've also found problems with people using spaces in ways that make it hard for others to play there. How can we share spaces so that everyone gets to use them in a fair way?

We interviewed some of the different people in our community to find out their views and to help us gather more information. Here are some of us doing the interviews in our school community. Next we will design solutions. This will help us grow our problem-solving skills and contribute to our community.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Positive Health- Athletics Experience

This week we celebrated athletic sports and Positive Health by using Zest and Perseverance. We tried sports like like the vortex and long jump. One that is not an official athletic sport, but perhaps could be, was the dress up races. It was fun to include some Humour in our day as well. We tried to do our best by giving everything a go. Here are some photos of us trying our different athletics sports.

Long Jump

Quoits throw

 Vortex throw

Obstacle Course


Dress up races

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Maths Games are Fun!

Maths is how we can explain the world around us: How far? When? How much? We have started Term 4 by using different Maths games to help us to practise Number Knowledge. Things like how many ways we can make 10 or how many 10s in 35. There are lots of device apps that can help us to practise but sharing the adventure with others also helps to build Positive Relationships skills. Playing games with others helps us to build resilience and Prudence by developing strategic thinking and learning how to win and lose respectfully.

There are many wonderful games that help Maths learning like dominoes, Snakes and Ladders, Checkers, Monopoly, card games and chess. Some are hundreds of years old! (A game similar to dominoes was found in Tutankhamen's tomb in Egypt!)

Games like Go Fish are a wonderful way to practise early Maths number recognition.  Here is a link to some fun Maths card games you can play at home.

Have a look at some photos of us combining learning, challenge and fun!