Thursday, 18 April 2013

Cupcake Day

Cupcake day was a great success. Thank you to the people who helped make this event possible. The profit that we made will be going towards a worm farm and developing our outdoor environment.

Thank you!
From the Student Council

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Green Eggs and Ham, But not the usual one

By Xander

I am Xander. Xander I am.

Do you like green eggs and ham?

I do not like them.

Would you like them with a mouse?

Would you like them in a house?

I would not like them in a house.

I would not like them with a mouse.

I do not like them, now let me be.

Would you could you have them in a car?

Would you could you have them on a train?

I would not like them on a train.

Here in the dark?

I would not like them in the dark.

Would you could you on a boat?

I would not could not on a boat.

Oh no! Here comes a wave.

The boat turned.

Ok, but now you must let me be.

I do like them, I truly do.

I like them and I will eat them anywhere.



Sunday, 7 April 2013

Well done boys for making your thinking visible this week! Friday 5th April 2013

Our Maths Focus for WEEK 10


Forwards and backwards sequencing/Identifying 'ty' and 'teen' numbers/ Making groups of 10 and 20


Addition and Subtraction
Problem posing and solving

Try this at home or in the car:

- How many groups of 10 are there in 100, 50, 20?

- Counting down from 100, 50 or 20

Remember to keep trying new things on MATHELETICS at home

Our LITERACY focus for WEEK 10: 

Blend: Frog, Fred, Fry

Spelling Rule: Started, Jumped, Stopped

Word Family: Still, Bill, Hill