Friday, 26 February 2016


Our new families were welcomed to the school today. What a wonderful experience. 

Our first ideas for our change inquiry...

We are learning about change. We wrote on a piece of paper: Why do things change? What changes? How do things change? Nothing changes (This was a provocation).

We wrote what we thought that goes with all the questions. These are our first ideas about change.

By Leola

Here are some of our first ideas:

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Maths games

In Chrissy & Scott's Maths groups we have been playing different games to learn our groupings to 10, facts to and from 10 and facts within 10. Take a look at the video to see how well they are doing...

K W L - What we know. What we want to find out. What we have learned

The Rocky Shore

We had a great time this week at the rock pools at Worser Bay beach. But before we headed down there we worked on sharing what we knew and what we wanted to know about the creatures that live in our backyard.

Groups used i-pad to record their ideas, others used the chrome books and there were also groups using the pen and paper method.

Here are students sharing and recording their ideas on the chrome books.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Magic Box: The Movie

We have been writing poems based on, "The Magic Box" by Kit Wright. We have made a movie with some of our ideas. You can also read more of our poems below...

The Magic Box by Kate

I will put in the box
a fifth season and a black sun
a happy face crying and a sad face playing
Kate the cute kitten

I will put in the box
black stars in a silver sky
Theo the thumpy thorn
Jerry the giraffe drinking grape juice

I will cartwheel into my box.

Dylan and Nikora’s Magic Box

I will put in my magic box…

The minecraft king’s body with a a burning godzilla’s head
A minecraft dog with a creeper’s head
A minecraft mutant, obsideon gollum body with a mutant zombie villager head,
A minecraft rabbit leaping onto burning godzilla

I will put in my magic box…

The ender dragon body with a cow’s head
A minecraft shark with a minecraft rabbit’s head
A minecarft squid with a pig head
A minecraft T Rex grumping around.

Georgina’s Magic Box

I will put in my box…

A princess fighting with an angel
A flying cat and a walking bird
Pizza as a vegetable and broccoli as a treat

I will put in my box…

A frog breathing fire
A little girl wearing pants
A big boy wearing a dress

I will put in my box…
A snowman as a person
A person as a snowman
A cloud and a castle on the ground and a house in the sky

Reuben's Magic Box Poem

I will put in my magic box…
A bald eagle flying around a mountain
An angry elephant stamping on a person
An electric swimming and electrocuting sharks
The last joke of an ancient uncle
A shark head with a pirate body.

The Magic Box by Kate
I will put in the box
a fifth season and a black sun
a happy face crying and a sad face playing
Kate the cute kitten

I will put in the box
black stars in a silver sky
Theo the thumpy thorn
Jerry the giraffe drinking grape juice

The Magic Box by Tommy

I will put in the box…

A shark body on a fly's head.
A snowman melting on a hot summer’s day
A lizard body and a tongue head
A slithering snake sliding down the slide
A diamond in the sparky ocean

The Magic Box
by Clem

I will put in my box...
A frog wallking and an alien flying
A cat jumping over the moon
A cat that has wings and flies
Me in a video game       
A banana versing a tv
A cow leaping over Earth
A bird flying near the ground

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Shona & Chrissy's reading groups

If your child is in Shona or Chrissy's reading groups this term then reading this week is going to be a shared reading big book. This might be a level above or below where they are working so please ensure that you support your child during this reading each night. Any questions please feel free to see Shona or Chrissy before or after school. Thanks.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Magic Box Poems

This week some of us have been reading the poem, The Magic Box by Kit Wright. We have been inspired to create our own Magic Box poems and Magic Box art...

The Magic Box
By Violeta

I will put in the box...
A dragon as red as the fire.
A mouse jumping  over the moon.

A rabbit swimming.

I will put in the box,
A little angel as gold as the sun ,
A purple sun,
and a blue beach.
I will put in the box,
A rainbow flower with a ladybug and yellow spots,

I will put in the box,

A very long snail
a GIANT  MOUSE and a tiny elephant,
A very long snail  with a very short snake.

My box is fashioned from gold and silver and iron,
with spots on the lid and wishes in the corners.
Its hinges are as black as the dark and as gold sun.

The Magic Bo
By Leola

I will put in the box
lunchboxes flying and lemonade walking.
a mouse chasing a cat and a cat chasing a dog.
a frog flying and a fly jumping.

I will put in the box
a giraffe that is small and a and a mouse that is tall.
a giant that is angry and a jaguar giggling.
Hayley hoop runs a loop

I will put in the box
dark is light and light is dark.
a part of body and a part of head.
people making milk and cows collect.

I will put in the box
a carrot eating people
a frog floating and a boat jumping.
a fly eating a frog.

My box is fashioned from stars and gold and ice
with storms on the lid and  love in the corners
its hinges are love and wishes.

Letter to students

Dear Tautoru,

We are writing to you to let you know a little about ourselves and to find out about you.  We would like you to answer the questions within the letter after discussing them with mum and dad or anybody else that you have at home.

We are looking forward to new things in Tautoru. Our new inquiry is about change. Change is always exciting and sometimes a little scary but we are going to make sure that change is good and even sometimes fun!

Nicola is into running, tramping, gymming, travelling and getting outside. Scott likes making music or noise, collecting toys and records and spending time with family.  Chrissy enjoys Maths, shopping and travelling. She likes to keep fit by trying new things like Barre, Zumba and dancing in the dark! Shona likes running, walking, swimming in the sea, fishing, tramping, reading, cooking and spending time with family.

What do you like? What do you like to learn about?

Please tell us something that you are excited about this year.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Nicola, Scott, Shona and Chrissy

Some of us will be responding to this letter next week. Please discuss at home. We are interested in what our students like, what they enjoy learning, what they find challenging and what excites them.

Assembly 19th February

Thank you to our wonderful presenters who organised our assembly.
Mahutonga shared their trapping stories.
Autahi shared their class treaty
Tautoru shared their "Beautiful" writing.

Principal Awards for thinking.

Beach Trip Tuesday: Parent help needed

Dear parents & caregivers,

Tautoru will be heading to the beach on Tuesday afternoon as a part of our inquiry- we require parent helpers to walk down with the kids and back up again. If you are available in Tuesday afternoon please let your child's base group teacher know on Monday

More details to follow on Monday regarding this trip.

Many thanks,

Team Tautoru

Thursday, 18 February 2016

George the rubbish collector

"Hmmmmmmmmm I'm not so sure about George. I saw him drop some lunch wrappings and do you know what.........he didn't put them in his lunchbox and take them home! I think you need to teach George about doing the right thing!! But- you know he can make a mistake........and then fix it and move on.....that's fine. Have a word with him though please!"

George felt very sorry and decided to collect rubbish around the school. Please make sure that rubbish goes back into your lunch box as we are a rubbish free school. 

Thinking outside of the box

Our inquiry is about change. We asked students to draw a rectangle and change it into something else. What could they create out of that rectangle? Here are some of our ideas...

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

George's Blog

In Tautoru, we have a giraffe named George. He likes to go home with a different student each night. You can check out his blog at:


Wow Wall ... Something beautiful

Here is some of our writing inspired from the views of Worser Bay.

Monday, 15 February 2016

The Magic Box

Some of us have been reading, "The Magic Box" poem by Kit Wright. We put our own ideas into our very own magic box. Watch the movie to see what our first ideas are...

Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Day in Tautoru

We made a brief movie of a snippet of what happens in Tautoru. Enjoy!

Yoga in the mornings...

Here is a video of Nicola's base group doing yoga in the mornings. They learnt the sequence and made the sequence themselves. They are having so much fun and they feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for learning! Take a look...

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Year 3 Technology afternoon

Some students in Year 3 have been logging into their Worser Bay Google Accounts for the first time. Students have taken home our Acceptable Use of Technologies Agreement and have discussed how to be a good digital citizen with their parents or caregivers.

Staying safe online runs through everything that we do when using digital technologies.

Students have been learning how to log into their accounts and to send an email.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Google Apps for Education: Setting up our Year 3 students

Google Accounts have been successfully set up for students in the seniors.  Setting up Google Accounts for Year 3 children will assist with the transition from the juniors to the seniors.

A major focus that underlies everything is digital citizenship. Students have taken home the WBS Acceptable Use of Technologies, developed by them and their teachers. They will have discussed it with you and it has been signed and returned to school. Safety is paramount and we take this very seriously.

Here is a link to the agreement:

Year 3 children, who have signed our Acceptable Use of Technologies Agreement, will be set up with Google Accounts during Term 1.

We are excited about the opportunities that will prepare our children for a future that will be very different to our own.

Please speak with Nicola, Shona, Scott or Chrissy if you have any questions

Friday, 5 February 2016

Parachute Fun

We have been having a big focus on physical activity. Today we had lots of fun with the parachute.