Thursday, 30 April 2020


Students have been working on multiplication this week. For a number of our students their learning will be around creating equal sets of objects.

Other students will be finding and sharing different ways to show  sets of objects using diagrams or arrays.

.  Skip counting and repeated addition are also valuable ways for students to show what they know. They will then apply this knowledge to solve multiplication equations.

Rock Art by Hayley

All along the Seatoun waterfront there is something magical happening...

Rocks painted in all sorts of characters are popping up weekly. Do you recognise some of these?

There are also smaller rocks that have been painted by children around the neighbourhood.

Would you like to get involved? Easy!
Just collect a rock or pebble and paint it - it doesn't have to be fancy. 

Then put it somewhere for passers by to discover and enjoy!

It's a lot of fun!

Lockdown Art


Just a selection of our creative minds and hands at work.


Thursday, 23 April 2020

Upcycle it!

Another task this week was to upcycle some things around home to create something new! We had castles, games and many other crazy things!

Find some things around the house that you no longer need and get creative! You could even create something new that your household needs, like a book or device stand. You could make a hut to escape in to do your home learning! Have a go!

Get creative with writing!

It has been great to see lots of families involved on Seesaw. This week's writing task was to write some instructions on how to play a game. We loved seeing your Creativity when thinking of new games to make and when writing the instructions of how to play. Just remember, the instructions need to be specific. Your reader has no idea how to play the game!

Here are some other super ways some of us have been getting our writing practise in, including writing observations from the science experiment on Seesaw! Some are writing crazy, silly stories with spelling words too!