Thursday, 23 April 2020

Will it Sink or Float?

One of the activities our students worked on as part of their home learning programme was an experiment around density - whether the egg would float or sink. It was so awesome to see everyone's enthusiasm and Love of Learning shining through.

When you put the salt into the water, you can see it dissolving. It looks like the salt disappears but it's actually still there, just mixed together! If you give it a taste it will be VERY salty...
The salt in the water makes the water more dense so the egg floats!

If you haven't tried this experiment yet, have a go! Science learning is fun! It's a great opportunity to get some writing practise in too. Write your predictions down and then what you observe happening while you do the experiment!

Check out some of Tautoru putting their scientist caps on and observing what is happening in the experiment.

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