Thursday, 15 April 2021


We have been learning about Whānaungatanga in Tautoru. Whānaungatanga means doing activities that develop the bonds of collaboration and connection. This week Tautoru played two games to think about which one showed more Whānaungatanga values. It was rob the nest where you steal balls from each others hoops or help where taggers tag and then others have to help free you. The Tautoru kids had a keen eye for spotting Whānaungatanga in the help game! It showed teamwork, kindness and collaboration.

Then, we learnt about kākahu (māori cloak). We made a kākahu and wrote down different ways to show whānaungatanga on the feathers.

Here is a video if you would like to learn more about kākahu. 

On Thursday, we had Whānau Day where we all mix up and get into our whānau groups. This is a great opportunity to mix with other kids from different areas of the school. On Whānau Day, the focus was using tuakana-teina to teach whānaungatanga. The Tautoru kids taught others in the school about the kākahu and made one together.

Thursday, 1 April 2021

Manaakitanga - Sharing our learning

Last week we had the seniors come in and teach. They helped us to learn the meaning of our school karakia by using actions. This week we got a turn to be the teachers. The year 4s came to learn about our Manaakitanga Friendship Hands and Happiness Wheels.

It was so fun to catch up and reconnect through learning. The year 3s and year 4s were together in Tautoru last year and we spent a lot of time with our year 2s who were in Autahi last year.