Thursday, 23 May 2019

Positive Education: Positive Emotions and The Mood Meter

The Mood Meter

Excited or hungry? Calm or tired? Emotions come in all types so we have been learning about the different types of emotions and how they can be felt in our bodies. Some are high energy or low energy. Some are more pleasant than others. All emotions have a purpose and by learning how to label emotions it can help us to regulate them (link here).

We have been learning how to use a Mood Meter and how to describe a wider range of emotions.
Source link
We are spending some time thinking about what creates different types of emotions for us and how we might be able to self-regulate them.

This has also helped us to learn new words in Te Reo Māori to help us practise asking and saying how we feel in Te Reo.

A day with the Seniors

This week we were fortunate to have the senior students share their learning and a number of very cool activities with Tautoru.

It was such a fun session and the level of friendship, team work and organisation on display was amazing. There were students engaged in netball and soccer sessions. Basketball skills were being developed along with a number of outdoor games.

The comic drawing session was very popular and there was a buzz in the library around the development of characters and storylines.

Thanks so much the senior team and we look forward to another day soon!

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Inquiry learning: The Earth, Our Home

The Earth, Our Home

Deep understandings: We change the world to meet our needs.We have all arrived from someplace then have added and adapted to our environment.  We can learn from each other to create positive change. 

This term our inquiry learning is about resources, technology, and migration with a focus on how we have used technology to adapt to our environment. From Māori navigation to turn of the century settlers and to recent arrivals, people have used technology to interact with the environment. As we sit under the sky and explore the journeys of so many to our shores, we will learn more about our place: Whetūkairangi- The Stargazers and how we might create positive change.

We are Curious- Our First Ideas

What if you had to travel from a deserted island back to Worser Bay? How would you do it? We spent some time designing a way to travel back home after watching a movie about some astronauts (who looked a lot like our teachers!) getting stranded on an island in the Pacific. 

We had lots of fantastic ideas such as:

- A gigantic slingshot to shoot us from island to island (we might need a helmet).
- Several types of spaceships, rafts, and boats.
- Some involved very large butterflies and birds.

Some of the questions we have now are:
- How do people use the stars to travel?
- How long does a raft last in the ocean?

We are Exploring 

Next, we have been learning about where we come from and where our families have come from as we grow our understanding of our place in the world. Where are we on this Earth we call home? Where have some of us traveled from?

We have learned how to ask this in Te Reo Māori.
No hea koe? Where are your from?
No Whanganui-a-Tara ahau. I'm from Wellington.

We will be creating a big world map in Tautoru to see some of our families' journeys.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

A visit from the SPCA and some writing.

On Tuesday we were lucky to have four special guests from the SPCA visit Tautoru and Autahi. This was a great opportunity for our students to learn about dog safety and the work the SPCA do for the animal life of Wellington.

The two human guests were slightly over shadowed by the puppies River and Sky. We showed lots of patience, kindness, and love while waiting to pat the puppies and by letting them feel comfortable around us.

We learned a number of tips to keep ourselves safe around unfamiliar dogs. The top five tips were
1. Ask the owner first before patting a dog.
2. Allow the dog to sniff your closed fist as an introduction.
3. If a dog is bounding up to you, cross your arms across your chest and turn your back. The dog will think you are boring and move away!
4. Don't wave your hands about - dogs think our hands a magical.
5. Don't pat a dog on the head.

Thanks to the SPCA for the visit and a huge pat on the chest for Sky and River.

Here are some examples of  writing after the visit.

By Tom

By Isabella

By Ella

By Maggie

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Cross Country 2019

Ready, set, go! Another wonderful cross country day where we practised our perseverance, bravery and zest. The crowds, the sand, the running. It gave us so much inspiration to write! Here is some of the writing we did afterwards.

When I was running my legs got tired. I needed some water at the end of the race- by Cara

At the start of the race I felt nervous and scared like I be last but I was not. I thought like it was going to be noisy but it wasn't noisy.- By Kate

When I started running I felt nervous. I was running like a falcon. When I saw Scott I thought it was time to plug my ears.- By Bryce

Visual Maths- What does multiplication look like?

Some of us have been learning to count in sets, also known as multiplication. But most importantly, we've been learning what these sets look like and thinking about strategies we can use to work them out.

It's important that our brains have a clear picture of the amounts we are working out.  Maths research shows that the visual pathways in our brain light up when we are working out maths problems. 

We can make maths visual by using grids, arrays and number lines.

Here are some of our multiplication arrays that we've been working on.

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Celebrating Sign Language Week

This week we celebrated our third official language in Aotearoa New Zealand: Sign Language!
We started by learning the alphabet in sign language and how to sign "My name is ...". We have also been learning how to say "Hello," "Good Morning" and "Goodbye." Some of us have even learned how to say how we feel.  On our blog, we have a page dedicated to learning Sign Language so have a look at the videos so you can join us at home in learning a few easy signs.

Learning Sign Language is a great way to challenge our brains and grow our joy of learning! Learning something new helps our Positive Accomplishment and Positive Emotions.