Tuesday, 14 May 2019

A visit from the SPCA and some writing.

On Tuesday we were lucky to have four special guests from the SPCA visit Tautoru and Autahi. This was a great opportunity for our students to learn about dog safety and the work the SPCA do for the animal life of Wellington.

The two human guests were slightly over shadowed by the puppies River and Sky. We showed lots of patience, kindness, and love while waiting to pat the puppies and by letting them feel comfortable around us.

We learned a number of tips to keep ourselves safe around unfamiliar dogs. The top five tips were
1. Ask the owner first before patting a dog.
2. Allow the dog to sniff your closed fist as an introduction.
3. If a dog is bounding up to you, cross your arms across your chest and turn your back. The dog will think you are boring and move away!
4. Don't wave your hands about - dogs think our hands a magical.
5. Don't pat a dog on the head.

Thanks to the SPCA for the visit and a huge pat on the chest for Sky and River.

Here are some examples of  writing after the visit.

By Tom

By Isabella

By Ella

By Maggie

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