Friday, 26 June 2015

Mystery Skype with Whangarei Primary School

Some of us Mystery Skyped a class from Whangarei Primary School. It was fun having to research and find places on a map.  We took turns and asked questions to each other to narrow it down until we got the correct school.

Today's Assembly 26.6.15

Thank you to our fabulous presenters and people who shared their learning today at assembly

. We all loved the dancing! Well done to all of those children who received Principal Awards for persevering.

Amazing assembly from Matariki on Vimeo.

Do you think you will make a great student councillor for Worser Bay School?

We have had a very motivated group of student councillors who over the pass year have worked hard, fund-raising, organising events and representing the students of our school.
However it is now time to select a new student council who will be able to represent to voice of the students at Worser Bay School over the coming year.

If you would like to apply for the new student council, you need to be:
  • a good communicator who is able to connect with children and adults across the school. 
  • an excellent team player, 
  • organised and able to meet deadlines,
  • passionate about wanting to contribute towards improving our school community
  • currently in Y3-6.

Please apply in writing to Jude and Danny by Friday Term 1 Week 1, telling us why you feel you should be selected for this role.
You can email your letter to Jude, and Danny, or hand in person by Friday 17th July, Term 3 Week 1.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Whanau Group Art: This is displayed in Kilbirnie Library

In 2013 the school decided to make whanau groups so then different people can work with each other and siblings can work together. This piece of art is about Ngake and Whataitai. Everyone in the school has contributed to this piece of art.

This artwork is displayed at Kilbirnie library.

Stepping it up dance troop...

On Wednesday afternoon, we had two expert dancers come into school and teach us some cool dance moves...check out Gillian, Scott, Hayley & Ruth!

Stepping up - Dance from Matariki on Vimeo.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Mystery Skype

Today at school some Year 3 and Year 4 children were skyping a mystery school.
What we did is we took turns asked questions to each other, to narrow it down until we got the correct school.

We asked questions like…
  1. Are you in NZ?
  2. Are you in the south island?
  3. Are you a primary school?
And we got a bunch of answers!
We finally got the school!
It was Queenstown!
It took about 3 - 8 minutes to find out who it was...
So… It’s sad but true, They guessed us before we guessed them…

By Charlie P

Matariki Fish Weaving Video

Here is the link to the youtube video for the steps to making the fish that many of you have asked about! Keep at it and let's see your weaving skills!

Matariki star weaving link

Lots of people have asked for the link to the video because they went home wanting to weave more! So here it is! Let's see your creations!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Google Apps for Education- Year Three children will soon have their own accounts

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Google Accounts have been successfully set up for the children in the seniors.  Setting up Google Accounts for Year 3 children now assists with the transition from the juniors to the seniors in 2015.

A major focus that underlies everything is digital citizenship. Students have taken home the WBS Acceptable Use of Technologies, developed by them and their teachers. They will have discussed it with you and it has been signed and returned to school. Safety is paramount and we take this very seriously. Please talk with your child’s teachers if you have questions.

Here is a link to the agreement:
Using technology in the classroom

Year 3 children, who have signed our acceptable use of technologies agreement, will be set up with Google Accounts before the end of Term 2.

We are excited about the opportunities that will prepare our children for a future that will be very different to our own.


Tautoru Team

Peeling Potatoes for the Hangi

Getting ready for Matariki!


This morning we planted carrots into our garden beds. When we were weeding the garden Zach found a baby radish growing in the soil. We also found some baby tomato plants and flower seedlings.

Shared reading tonight - Matariki

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Monday, 15 June 2015

Reading at home!

Back at swimming this week!

The children were very excited to be back at swimming this week...

Spelling - postponed

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

Due to Matariki celebrations Spelling testing will be postponed to next week. Any questions please feel free to chat with your child's reading teacher.


Tautoru Team

Practising Our Pepeha

Practising Our Pepeha from Matariki on Vimeo.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Assembly 12.6.15

Thank you to our amazing presenters, Jack, Milla and George. 

We all loved the assembly, you did us proud! Well done to everyone who received a principal award today for active learning and perseverance

Wednesday by Zach

I get out of the car and the wind is howling as loud as a tornado. I run up to school as fast as my legs can take me. I hear the waves crashing on the beach as I dash inside. I hang my bag up and I hear a deafening crash .... I go to the window but it was just thunder.  The whipping and howling wind hits the class room. I look outside it is deserted apart from  bending trees and stirring sea.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

View the Stars: Apps that you can use to view the constellations at our Matariki Celebrations

We are getting ready for our Matariki Celebrations which will be held on 18th June.

We have begun to compile a list of apps that will help you to spot the constellations. Please add any good apps that you know of...

Matariki Celebrations - Thursday, 18 June

Food is to be ordered for 18th June online on WrapItUp. Please note that orders will close on Friday 12 June to allow time for organisation/purchase/people power, etc. Go to: Please order your own food under your child's name.

Learning our mihi

Learning about our Whanau

Learning some key words from our Karakia

Mark helps us learn some te reo for matariki

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Doodle for Google

We found this online on the Google home page. It is a school competition so we thought we could enter. This is a competition for years 1-6 as you need to have the words GOOGLE in it, (it will have to be in capitals). You need to make it thinking about If I could travel back in time…
You are only allowed one entry per person so you can make different designs, but you have to have one to enter. You will be disqualified if you use more than one per person. You will also be disqualified if you use any logos or copyrighted images. The judges will choose 20 people from each year group and might win 10,000 dollars worth of technology equipment for their school.

Please get entries to Nicola before 14th August

By Gretel