Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Positive Education

This week on Wednesday for Positive Education, we worked with our buddies to share ideas about the monsters we created last week. We talked about what sharing ideas, acknowledging others and combining our ideas looks like.

We had to collaborate and decide on our monster's favourite food, games they like to play, who their friends are and where they live.

We are getting to know lots of the children from Autahi, Mahutonga and Matariki.


At the end of last week we brainstormed all the things that we would like to put into our game- materials, type of game, where to play, instructions, etc. And then on Tuesday we had to collate our ideas and start to make our game.....exciting!!!!

 So here we are starting to make our games.

Great teamwork and creativity going on this week. We are looking forward to playing them and seeing if they work.

Treasure Maps

In Maths this week we have been learning about maps and directions. We have learnt about coordinates and how a map shows North, South, East and West. Some of us have made treasure maps and some have learnt how to give directions to show somebody where something is.
We are going to put some treasure in a secret place and another group has to follow the directions to find it.

We have played a version of Battleships to practise naming and finding coordinates.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018


Today at Kids Led Learning time one of the activities we could choose was Pointillism, where we could make a piece of art using dots.

Pointillism is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of colour are applied in patterns to form an image.

Have a look at some of the pieces of art we made.

Did you know.....Georges Serat and Paul Signac developed the technique in 1886, branching from Impressionism.

Wake up your brain

What changeable weather lately!! We prefer to be outside at this time of the year, so it is good to use some yoga or GoNoodle exercise routines to use up some of our wriggles and "Wake up Our Brain" on the days we have to stay inside!!
What a great way to start the day.


On Monday, Tautoru and Autahi visited the ASB centre. We had a rotation of Futsall, Athletics, Ball skills and Floorball, and our skills are improving all the time.
Mae's favourite activity was Ball skills because she loves playing Dodge Ball.
Eddie's favourite was Futsall, because they learnt new skills and then at the end they got to play a game.

Lucy's favourite was Floorball because you could "whack" the ball with the stick.
Freddie's favourite was Floorball, because you got to run and hit the ball all the time, and he was confident playing the game.

Isabella W's favourite was Floorball because she loves hitting the ball with the hockey stick.

We were very proud of all the children who remembered their manners, used teamwork, perseverance, kindness, bravery and zest. 

Thursday, 22 November 2018

The Great Game Challenge- Game Design

This term we have inquired into how play and games can help us to learn. We have discovered that games can help us to collaborate, connect and also learn physical skills like different sports games or strategies and facts like some board games. We also make friends and use problem-solving skills when we play together. Most importantly, games challenge us and they are fun!

Now it's time for...

We will become game designers by creating games for others to play using the Design Thinking process.

Here we are during the beginning phases of the process as we decided who we would create the game for and what they would need in a game. 
 We will keep you posted on our progress.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Innovation and Imagination- Fairy Tales and the Hero's Journey

The hero's journey describes a storyline that is very common in many stories we read, including many legends and fairy tales.

We have been learning how to use the hero's journey to innovate a fairy tale by changing some of the characters and events from the story to write our own version of a familiar storyline. You can come into Tautoru to read fantastic tales such as "The Three Little Werewolves" or "Red Riding Eraser" and their adventures that might remind you of some stories you know well.

Working with Coordinates

During maths, we have been exploring different ways to describe directions and coordinates. We are learning about finding our way to and from places, describing locations, reading maps and some of us have explored compass directions as well.

We have also made links to our inquiry about learning through play. We have been using coordinates to play Battleship on paper. We had to sit back to back sometimes so our buddy wouldn't see the grid. This game will help us when we design a map for a very special mission next week.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Elephant Toothpaste

We have been learning to write instructions. We have written very detailed steps to help people brush their teeth, getting ready to go bed and today we got scientific and created elephant toothpaste.

We had a group of very excited students prepared for the reaction of the century!

Shona was our super scientist today and carefully presented each of the steps.

We sat a safe distance from the experiment just in case things went wild!

Monday, 12 November 2018

Soccer Skills

Thursday is Soccer day. The junior school spends 40 minutes every week working on our soccer skills. The wind was wild this week but that was no barrier for our students!

Great to see students giving soccer a go. For a lot of our guys it is there first experience of playing soccer and they are all getting in and having fun.

Spot the Ball !?

Lots of fun with warm up games. The goal with this activity is to rip the vest from as many people as possible. We are developing our swerving and side stepping skills along with our running speed.

Senior Inquiry - Board Games

On Friday we were visited by a very enthusiastic group of students from the seniors to share their board games as part of their recent inquiry. It is always great to have students share their learning across the school and we were very impressed with how the seniors students included everyone and were obviously proud of what they had created and learned.

We had videos, scratch games and pyramids and links to maths, reading and secret codes of nature.

Thanks to everyone that popped in and we look forward to another visit soon.

Kapahaka Thursday

Every Thursday Autahi join us in Tautoru for Kapahaka. We have been practicing songs that have been part of our .... for a while and it has been great to see our students confidence grow with the songs and actions.

Our voices are beginning to show a lot of energy and enthusiasm as they become more familiar with the songs. We have also included a haka with one of our waiata and be sure to look out for future posts on the blog.