Thursday, 7 April 2022

Making Maths Visual

How do we ‘see’ numbers? Being able to recognise patterns in numbers is called subitising. This type of mathematical problem solving lays the foundation for the development of Number Sense (the ability to manipulate numbers), and grows the understanding of how different patterns in numbers work.

Here is a group of dots. How would you add them together? Which different ways can they be grouped so that we can count them? 

Were you drawn to fives or twos first? What other groups did you see?

Exploring how to group numbers in different ways helps us to develop understanding of patterns within numbers as well as extend our ideas and grow our thinking by describing the many strategies we've used. It is also fantastic, creative mathematical fun!

This week we had a go at finding multiple ways to work out how many dots we saw in a pattern. We had rich mathematical conversations about different strategies we used.

If you would like to learn more about subitising and how to use it at home, here is a link.

Developing Grit and Resilience Strategies

This term we’ve been inquiring into what is Grit and what strategies we can use to get us through challenges both in learning and with other people. This Grit Toolkit will grow over time and help us to take on new challenges with confidence.

Sometimes challenges might make us feel frustrated so we can practice breathing, going to nature outside or drawing to calm us down. We can also use positive self-talk and tell ourselves positive things so we persevere. We can also find someone we can tell our feelings to.

Sometimes the challenges can be about how we communicate with other people. We have been learning about how we can talk about what is bothering us, ask for help if we need it and use good teamwork skills to help each other succeed!