Friday, 13 April 2018

An Attitude of Gratitude

Over the last few weeks a Character Strength we have been focusing on is Gratitude. We started by thinking about what the word 'gratitude' actually means...thankful, grateful and appreciative of things people may have done for us.

During various times of the day we have taken some time to sit and think about people we are grateful for at home and at school in a Gratitude Circle. 

We have all been able to think of so many examples! Sharing these special people with each other and reflecting on what we are thakful for makes us feel really positive, happy, fortunate and loved. All wonderful positive emotions!

When we recognised and appreciated people at school who we were grateful for, it made them feel proud and happy in return.

Collaborative Collages

We have been using our creativity and curiosity to zoom in and sketch native insects, birds and plants we have been learning about through our Inquiry, Kaitiaki O Te Ngahere.

Some of us collaborated on big pieces. When all of our artwork was complete we combined our art and made collages of our work. Pop by and see if you can spot some of our native animals.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Adding Native Animals and Plants on a Number Line

One of the ways to make maths visual so we can see how we are grouping numbers is to use a number line. Number lines can help us check when we are starting to add numbers in different ways.

Some of Tautoru have been using number lines to explain how we have added different groups of native animals and plants, trying to make tidy tens or use tens and ones separately. We can then link some of the learning we have been doing in our inquiry to our maths problems. Maths is everywhere!

 Here are some of our first tries with number lines.

Sometimes we didn't get them correct the first time but we went back and tried to find where the errors were. We know that mistakes are part of learning!