Wednesday, 11 December 2019


What a week for visitors! We had the, soon to be Tautoru students, visit from Autahi and then Wednesday afternoon we had them again for our Positive Education session.

We spent the afternoon unpacking Prudence. What is Prudence - It is being aware of the effects of my choices to help me make a choice and how my choices affect others.


We begun the session watching Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Plan and discussed who was showing Prudence and how we knew.

We then ended the session with a great discussion around a number of different actions. The students were given a number of options or plans as to what they could do and they discussed which was the best. Lots of great ideas and plans were put in place!

Transition Days -

We were very excited to welcome our new friends to Tautoru this week. We spent the morning getting to know one another, sharing details about ourselves, learning about the new space, and making connections.


This is always a fun and exciting time of the year and the transition to new spaces is a fun time of the Year. The Year 2 (soon to be Year 3's) students of Tautoru were great buddies and there was a lot of kindness and friendship on display.


The Autahi students have spent a lot of time in Tautoru this year and were full of confidence and enthusiasm for their new space.

 .  .   

Our Tautoru treasure hunt helped everyone to be confident about where to hang bags, find highlighters and where to store the chess sets!

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Inquiry Actions Presentations

This term we have been problem finders and problem solvers in Tautoru. We have identified problems and created solution (outside of "Tell Jude!"). We wanted to learn how connect to our community and be powerful by having a go at creating solutions.

During this inquiry we have learned how to find problems, collaborate to create a solution and create an action plan. In the process some of us have developed movie making skills, planning skills, design skills and even speech making skills.

We shared our actions with Autahi. Here is a snapshot of us sharing our actions and getting some feedback to see if the problem and solutions were clear.

Problem Solving using Judgement

The character Strength of Judgement is all about thinking about different options: Plan A, Plan B and sometimes even Plan C! Our buddies from Autahi joined us to do some problem-solving together.

This week we spent some time thinking about different ways to solve a problem. What could be Plan A? What if that doesn't work? What could be Plan B?

Friday, 29 November 2019

Yet MORE ART in Tautoru!!

We've been creating even more art this week in Tautoru. Our year 2's made marvellous Pukeko, using pastels, dye for the background and newspaper as the grass!

Don't they look great in Tautoru?

Don't they look great in Tautoru?

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Measuring Area and Perimeter

This week some of us have been measuring the perimeter and area of shapes. We have been learning how to use maths strategies to add all the different measurements.

We learned about measuring using blocks to count the area inside the shape and then designed some block people.

We are now using different maths strategies like repeated addition and multiplication to work out the measurements.