Thursday, 27 February 2020

Manaakitanga: Showing Respect to our World.

In Tautoru we have learned about how respect can be shown to people, our outside environment and our inside spaces and the links to showing gratitude.

We can show respect to people by being Bucket Fillers and showing gratitude during the day. We talked about what a Bucket Filling classroom is and then made gratitude cards for someone to say Thank You.

Next we are planning small plays that will show an audience how to show respect to the world around us. We are practising how to get into a role and act our parts.

We are using team work to plan our plays!

He pai ki ahau- What I like in Te Reo Māori

He pai ki ahau.... I like...

We are learning to say what we like in Te Reo. We are learning the names of foods and actions too! Here are some examples:

He pai ki ahau te pānui... I like reading

He pai ki ahau te tuhituthi... I like writing

He pai ki ahau te pikipiki... I like to climb

Thursday, 20 February 2020


In Tautoru, we have been getting out into our beautiful environment to learn about statistics. We have learnt how to survey our surroundings and others. We have been using a tally and bar graph to record our observations and findings. It's been hard work but we have been showing our perseverance and bravery to keep going. What a great opportunity to learn indoors and outdoors!

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Our kindness korowai cloak

During inquiry learning this week we are learning about kindness and respect to others. We discussed what a good friend does and what our plan B will be if someone isn't showing kindness. The Tautoru kids had so many ideas and knowledge about how to show respect to others. We are all such kind friends!
We each then decorated feathers of how we are kind friends and created a kindness korowai cloak. Check out one of the completed cloaks!

Monday, 17 February 2020

Girls Futsal Tournament

Last Friday Worser Bay School was represented by 3 teams at the Girls Futsal Tournament at the ASB. There were teams from across the Wellington region and the day was actioned packed!

The teams played with Zest and a keen sense of Teamwork. It was great to see how all of the teams were supportive of each other but also the opposing teams. I heard a number of our players apologising for a stronger than usual strike of the ball !

Thanks again to the parents that were able to help out with transport and supporting the teams on the day. The students really enjoyed spending the day with you and we appreciate your time and energy.

The event was a great opportunity for students to try out Futsal for the first time or to build on the experience from last year. We have football sessions across the school the term and it looks like we will have a number keen players.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Ball Skills

PE this week has been about developing and strengthening our ball skills. Students have been working in base groups and playing tennis, netball and beginning to learn how to play four square.

Our character strengths of Teamwork, Perseverance and Kindness have been on show. Basket balls can be tough to catch and control so we have really focused on throwing with accuracy.

Four square and hand ball look like games we could bring into our breaks during the day.

Reading Outside

What a great start to Week 2. The sun was shining and we decided to enjoy the cool breeze and bird song while reading. We have started our literacy sessions this week with buddy reading.

Sharing something interesting about our stories, which could be an illustration, a joke or a connection helps to develop our story telling skills and comprehension.

It has been great to see everyone ready for learning and reconnecting after the holidays. Students will be bringing home books this week so be sure to delve into book bags!