Thursday, 29 June 2017

Celebrating Matariki and Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence Day: Suz and Anna's whanau group

We had a fantastic day in our Whanau. We did lots of different things with our main focus being around appreciating the environment around us. We also had a focus on Tuakana Teina. Tuakana Teina is the idea of an older sibling helping and guiding a younger sibling
It was so cool to see so many people ‘adopting’ siblings and helping them out. 

Our first activity involved print making. We chose our favourite leaves and made prints of them onto fabric. We are going to turn these into mini tents so keep your eyes peeled for them at the Arts Celebration!

Our second activity involved the remnants of Seatoun beach constructed into dreamcatchers. We used wool to make a spider web effect to attach different bits and bobs onto. 

The last activity was some rock painting. We brought some rocks to life by painting a base colour, and then adding black, white and red. Everyone did a range of different patterns and they all look really unique. 

Overall we had a great day! Looking forward to see everyone at our Arts Celebration to see the awesome work we made. 

More from Matariki

More photos of the students in action.

Tuesday Art Day

What a day of creating.

Shona's base group has been creating art based around native plants, birds, and those nasty predators. Wanwan has been busy creating masks that represent each of the student's culture. Susie has her group working on lanterns to represent extinct birds. Scott's group have created diorama around stories from the past and native flora and fauna.

In addition, look out for our Maori Gods we you come next week!

We are in full blast at the moment creating and producing art for the Arts Celebration next Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

Here is a sneak preview!

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Celebrating Matariki and Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence Day; Gabrielle and Wanwan's whanau group

We had a very enjoyable day working with everyone. A real highlight was Stan joining us, sponsored by Asia New Zealand, who introduced the children to Chinese painting. He showed them how to paint pandas and birds with a brush and black ink, adding more detail as appropriate.

We also talked about, and appreciated, what people and things were special to us. For many it was pets, family or friends.

We found special leaves and shared what we found beautiful about them, then made our own pictures from groups of leaves. Some of us did a little yoga. We also made stars as collaborative origami pieces to celebrate Matariki. We also had a few student workshops run by people sharing a skill that they had some excellence in. To finish we learned a waiata about Matariki and some of us made videos about what we learned.

Thanks to our parent helpers and friends for sharing the day with us.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Matariki: Shona and john's Group

Matariki: Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence Day: John, Shona, Tori and Cloe's Group.
Today was a stunning day at Worser Bay School. Our group started the day by looking around to find objects of Beauty and Excellence that we could use to create a piece of nature art.

We then created a piece of art using the bits and pieces we had found.

We then took photos of our art and used the photos to create a "Hei Whakanui i a Matariki" card for our parents. We offered to help them in some way to show our appreciation of all they do for us.
We were lucky to have Hutana come and read us the story of "Te Reo Tioriori o Manu" (Manu's Magic Voice) in Maori. It reminded us how tricky is must be for people when they come to our school and don't speak any English.                                                                                                          
In amongst planting trees with our families, we spent time appreciating the Beauty and Excellence in our own playground and in other objects of nature from around our community. We collaborated to create mobiles, sand sculptures and teepees out of bamboo. We really do live in a very special part of the world.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Matariki: Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence Nic and Scott's Group

Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence Defined. Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman,the developers of the personal strengths classification, define the appreciation of beauty and goodness as “the ability to find, recognize, and take pleasure in the existence of goodness in the physical and social worlds.”
Today we had a focus on the character strength of Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence. We worked across the school in Whanau groups. 
Kyla (Solly's mum) worked with students to make Maro for Matariki.

We took photos of  things that we think are beautiful from around the school. We made these into a collage. You can see this next week at our Arts Celebration. Please make sure that you visit all of the spaces in the school to look at all of the wonderful learning that we have been doing.

We also created a piece of found material art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

We also loved the opportunity to work with the artist Stan Chan.