Home Learning Informations & Links

Home Learning- Making links between our learning at school at home.

Reading and Spelling: Please go to our separate page for more details.

Inquiry Learning: We strongly encourage the discussion, reflection and questioning at home around our Inquiry. It is valuable to build and reinforce the home and school partnership to ensure children make connections with what they learn at school to the wider world. The discussion you have with your child around the ideas and concepts we are investigating is the richest homework possible. Please check out this blog to find out what we are doing so that you can keep up to date.

Inquiry Chat: Prompt questions for whānau to discuss aspects of the current Inquiry. This will be sent via a Seesaw announcement to families with short and clear instructions of how to encourage the discussion.

Maths games to play at home from Love Maths

Follow the link to see 'how to' videos of dice and card games you can play at home with your child to help with maths learning. All the games have easy to source materials. 

More challenging levels of games can be found here (Number 3-6).

 Maths activities to do at home from NZ Maths
There are online and offline options. If you'd like to do the online programme you will need to create an account for your child.

Digital Maths links for games and practice

Have a go at the daily maths problem- any time of the day!

Scroll down for more links!
Reading Links
ebook readers
You will need our Class login details handy

You can borrow eBooks, streaming film, eMagazines, eNewspapers, digital storytimes & more

Wonder of the day - with short text and read aloud options

Radio New Zealand - Childrens Treasure Chest

Loads of books, online or download pdf, remember to select fullscreen

ebook readers
You will need our Class login 
details handy

Writing Links:
Writing prompts ideas

We recommend K1 or K2 levels.

Click on a link and wait for the writing prompts to load. Pick a picture or story starter and sit down to write for 10-15 minutes!
Inquiring About our World Links
Key in your topic and go for it
Te Ara     
NZ digital encyclopedia

Te Ao Māori Links 
You already know some so teach your bubble!
Kapa Haka Te Matatini 2019
Watch some of the incredible kapa haka performances from last year’s competition.