Thursday, 31 March 2016

If You Learned Here: Our Learning

Learning to Measure
Theme 3 is about our learning. We have shared a movie of one of our drumming sessions on: 

...and there are some other bits and pieces on the Padlets below. 

Rock Pools Around the World

As part of our inquiry, we are finding out about rock pools. We would like to compare and contrast the rock pools close to us with rock pools from around the world. Can you help? Do you have relatives and friends that live close to rock pools in other places. We would love to hear from them and find out more about what is out there. 


Tautoru Kids

You can add to this presentation: 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Ball Skills

Shared Writing by Hunter R, Rim, and Lily V: 

We have been doing PE with Shona. We have been learning how to throw and catch balls. We've been learning to roll the ball to our partner and run back to where we were. We have also been bouncing the ball and throwing it into the air. We have been using balls in different ways. It's great to stay fit and use the outside space.

Colour experimenting

Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Some of the children in Tautoru have been learning about measurement.

We have talked about standard and non-standard units of measurement. In class we have begun using non-standard units to measure body parts, cracks in the pavement, the length of bench seats and other objects in the playground.


This is shared writing by Keir and Molly:

We had our drumming lesson today in the staffroom. We learnt the names of different drums and other instruments including bongos, hand drums, xylophones and chimes. Andreas was conducting us. We learnt symbols for drumming, not drumming, whistling and singing. We had a great time and we're looking forward to drumming again next week. 

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Hour of Code: Minecraft

Our Year Three students have been learning how to code. They have been using #hourofcode and working through the Minecraft activities. Students have been problem solving and applying their Maths knowledge. Great collaboration!

Assembly: 18th March

Thank you to our great presenters!

We sang a song that we have been learning called, "2 legged mice"

You can learn the song here: Tautoru Songs

Well done to all of you who received a Principal Award for great thinking.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

If You Learned Here: Our Classroom Trailers

We have been making movie trailers for our global project, "If you Learned Here". This week, we are thinking about our classroom and what we learn at Worser Bay. 

Silky soccer skills

We started our soccer training today. The children are learning a variety of skills, working as a team, and building on from last year.

We were also very excited to get close the cup won by Wellington. 

Drumming Wednesday

On Wednesdays we have a specialist teacher called Andreas coming in to teach us all about drumming and percussion instruments. We had so much fun! Here is one group's session...

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Tide

Shona's base group talked about what happens in the rock pools so that the creatures can survive when the tide goes out. Have a read of some of our stories.

The Tide is Going! By Eddie.
Oh no! The tide is going out. Get ready Mr Mussel. Shut your shells tight! Get ready Mr Sea Anemone. Tuck in your tentacles.

The Tide is Going Out. Be Nela.
Oh no! The tide is going out. Get ready Mr Chiton. Pull your shell close to the rock. Get ready Mrs Cockabully. Hide in the seaweed. Get ready Mrs Limpet. Pull into the rock like chiton. Get ready Mr Crab. Scuttle under a rock quickly. Get ready Mrs Sea Anemone. Pull in your tentacles close. Get ready Granddad Starfish. Cling onto a rock with your suckers.

The Revenge of the Tide. By Mitchell.
Oh no! The tide is going out. Get ready Mr and Mrs and Master Mussel. Hold your shells tightly.

Get Ready Rock Pool. By Nye.
Oh no! The tide is going out. Get ready Mrs Sea Anemone. Put your tentacles in and Mr Crab, scuttle under a rock.

The Tide is Going Out. By Emelie.
Oh no! The tide is going out. Get ready Mr Crab. Get under a rock.

The Tide is Going Out. By Rim.
Oh no! The tide is going out. Get ready Mr Crab. Hide between the seaweed. And sea anemone, get ready, close your tentacles. And cockabully, hide between the seaweed. Limpet get your shell and cling onto the rock. And mussel, close your shells together.

What Happens When the Tide Goes Out? By Ruby.
Oh no! The tide has gone out. Get ready Mrs Starfish. Hang on! Get to safety. Quick. Quick. It's going out. Get into the seaweed or your life will come to an end. This is going to be a tough ride. Get ready Mr Chiton. Cling onto the rock. Get into your shell or you will burn to death. Get ready Mrs Cockabully. Swim into the seaweed or you will be transported into a different dimension.

What Happens When the Tide Goes Out? By Lily.
Oh no! The tide is going out. Get Ready Mrs Crab. Get under a rock. Get ready Mrs Cockabully. Get into the seaweed or you will get teleported to a new dimension. Get ready Ms Mussel. Hold together. It's a long ride.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

If you learned here: Our Classroom

We are involved in a project called, "If you learned here". Our next task is to make a short movie to describe our day at school.
At Worser Bay School we collaborate

Some of our students have begun to think about what we should include in the movie. Here is one of our trailers...

We have been working together to create these trailers.

These are the padlets that have been posted for "Theme 2" of "If you learned here."

Friday, 11 March 2016

Planning our own trip to the rocky shore...

Today we went on a trip to Princess Bay. We planned our own trip. We were curious about what kind of creatures we would see. It was cold and windy and the sea was rough. The tide was in so we didn't see that much. We did see some sand hoppers though. It was fun to go on our own trip. 

A big thank you to Janis for taking us. 

By Thomas, Dylan, Ollie and Nikora

This is us getting ready to go on our trip
This is a cool shell that we found
We found some big rocks
This is us at Princess Bay

Thursday, 10 March 2016

World Premiere: If You Learned Here- Worser Bay Style

This is us enjoying the playground when working on the movie.
We are involved in a global collaboration project called, "If you learned here." We are excited to introduce our movie about Worser Bay School, introducing ourselves to the other schools around the world. You can see the 2016 videos here: 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

End of day routine

Please have a chat with your child about the expectations you have for them if you are ever a little late to pick them up.
At the end of each day all students are allowed to leave the classroom after goodbyes have been said. Students know that if there is no one there to collect them, then they are expected to come back inside and wait with the teachers until someone comes to pick them up (that is, unless you have made a different arrangement with them). 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Beach trip: Rock Pools

I found a piece of paua shell
I found a starfish
These are 3 hermit crabs in different shells
This is a sea anemone
Today we went on a trip to the beach. We had a look in the rock pools. We are learning about rock pools for our inquiry. At the beach we found all sorts of different creatures. We found sea anemones, mussels, cockabullys, starfish and seaweed. We saw all types of colours we also found a whole lot of barnacles. 
By Kate, Pippa, Katherine and Nela

New Zealand Flag: Change

This is us discussing the flag debate.


Our inquiry is about change. Voting papers on the second referendum arrived in mailboxes on Thursday morning. Union Jack, or Silver Fern? Keep the flag, or change it? Why?

Read the article

and for a little more background information:

Put your thoughts on this padlet

You can take part in the kiwi kids referendum here: