About Us

Our name is Tautoru. We are a blogging group from Worser Bay School in Wellington New Zealand. There are around 80 of us in the group. Please view our blog to find out more about the exciting things that we have been doing!


  1. Thanks for sharing your school Worser Bay. Looks like an exciting learning place.

  2. We really liked your video and thought it was funny that you showed us your toilet. Thank you for sharing your beautiful school with us. We will be sharing our video soon! We are looking forward to learning more about your school and your students!

  3. We really liked you video. Thanks for sharing it.
    We really love the view you have at your school, the sky an the sea look amazing.
    The classroom looks so exciting.
    The playground is great. So much to do.
    We have some questions.
    Why do you have a space for new people? How does that work?
    We wonder why there is hole at the end of the pole?
    Do you have a nurse?
    We wondered why do you have a pizza oven in your school? How often do you use it? What is your favourite pizza?

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog.
      We have a space for new students. they arrive on their 5th birthday. The learning space is called Autahi.
      We have a pizza oven so that we can make pizza. Izar's favourite pizza is cheese and Jupiter's favourite pizza is ham and cheese. We use the pizza oven at least once a month. The pizzas are delicious.
      we do not have a nurse but if we get hurt we go to the sick bay and teachers and friends help us.

      By Jupiter and Izar

  4. We loved your school. Thanks for showing us around.
    We think your view at your school is great. It looks better than ours!
    We think that you classrooms look like places that you want to spend time in.
    We have some wonderings.
    We wondered why you have a pizza oven?
    We wondered what you do in your playground and classroom?
    We wondered what the space for the new children is?
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Thank-you for making this video for us. We really appreciate it. You are lucky to have such a good view! Is that a real pizza oven that you cook with?

    1. Yes, that is a real pizza oven. We use it at least once a month... Thank you for commenting on our blog.

  6. Team 3 Green from Lincoln Primary School really enjoyed watching the video about your school. A pizza oven would be fantastic! What a beautiful view you have!

    From Team 3 Green students