Wednesday, 15 April 2020

What have we been up to?

What have we been up to?

Kia Ora Koutou,

Hello and how are you ? It has been great to see you guys on Seesaw and sharing the fun stuff you have been doing.  Keep it up.

I have been having lots of fun times with the family.  We have spent time in the garden weeding and feeding the trees. . We have been visited daily by a Kereru which has been amazing. We have named him Chewie after my second favourite Star Wars character. Good luck finding him in this picture!

We have even been in the garden as a family !

The weather has been excellent so I have dusted off the old bike and have been riding,  just across the road from our place is a track so I’m not going too far!!

Like many people in the neighbourhood we have also been getting out for walks and enjoying the sunsets and gentle evenings.


It has also been great to have regular catch ups with our family.  My nephew in Australia has taken the bubble concept one step further.


At nights (and sometimes through the day)  I have been making some quiet noise.
Keep smiling guys and see you on Seesaw!

Kia ora!

I hope you’ve had a great long weekend and enjoyed lots of yummy chocolate! I’ve really enjoyed seeing updates on Seesaw of what everyone has been getting up to since lockdown started.

I too have been doing lots of baking! I seem to have an issue where I start a recipe and then realise I don’t have all the ingredients. I have to be creative and think of new ways of making the recipe. Some have turned out great! Others not so much.. like my hot cross buns. We didn’t have any yeast so I turned it into hot cross muffins haha! Here’s a pic of one of my yummier creations, peanut butter oat cookies. We didn’t have enough flour, so I settled for adding in some oats.

My partner and I live in a very small one bedroom flat so we are starting to get a little claustrophobic! We are trying to get outside for a walk or do some exercise inside regularly to get some movement to our bodies. I’ve been working on building my strength up. Let’s just say it needed some TLC… I’ve gone from being able to do one full push up to now… 10! Now, that is a big accomplishment for me! Here is a picture of me doing the Easter egg hunt. Someone has been very creative in my area and has made lots of Easter egg paintings.

Remember to check out Seesaw for updates and video lessons. Bare with me while I navigate how to teach through a camera! I look forward to seeing more learning and updates throughout the week.
 sending good vibes

Kia ora!

I've been keeping up my Positive Health by doing my yoga class via live video link (which is very strange), trying different workouts online and going on lots of walks. The weather has been really nice so it’s been good to get some sun.

During the holidays I've also spent some time making cuttings of all my succulents for a Top Secret project (which I can't tell you about because it's Top Secret, of course). I've split them up and planted them in pots to use.. urhm... later...

I've also been learning to weave harakeke. It's been a challenge for me because it takes a long time to prepare the leaves for weaving. These are called whenu and they are one of the first steps to getting the strips ready for weaving. There are lots of steps!

I've also had to use Perseverance and Growth Mindset when I make mistakes and I get the steps wrong then I have to start again, but I'm slowly getting better and faster. I really enjoy making things that I can use. Here are some of the things I've made so far:


I've also been cooking yummy things like this focaccia bread from a recipe that Beth gave me. Yum.

And… catching up with Mikayla and Scott to plan together.

We are looking forward to helping you and your parents make the most of Home Learning.
We thought we’d leave you with our school karakia. Even though we can’t say it together at the moment, it’s still our karakia and we can use it to think of us learning together, even if we are apart for now.

Aroha nui,
Scott, Mikayla and Ximena

Worser Bay School Karakia

E tau nei ki runga i a tatou katoa te wairua aroha
kia ngakaunui tatou ki te hapai i a tatou mahi katoa
i roto i te hari me te koa me te aroha ano o tetahi ki tetahi
kia puawai tatou katoa.
Whakakahangia tatou kia mahi tahi kia manaaki,
kia tiaki i to tatou kura, to tatou hapori, a to tatou taiao hoki.
Mauri ora!

Settle upon us the loving spirit
to enable us to work together
in joy and with respect toward one another
so that we all grow and blossom together.
Also strengthen us to work together to nurture and
look after our school, our school community and our environment.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing ' you' . I'm so fortunate to have such a thoughtful team....and you've been doing some ' cool stuff' too! Jude

  2. Lovely ❤!!! Looks like you have all been keeping yourself busy with some pretty awesome things. Enjoy & thank you as always for your input, guidance & support on our home learning journey. Kind regards Ashleigh Lake