Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Staying Connected.

There are so many different ways to stay connected. At this time we have the ability to stay connected even while apart, connect to new ways of learning and even connect to things we never really had time to before while we appreciate all the things that we have.

At school, we always talk about Gratitude and Hope being such important character strengths as they tap into Positive Emotions. Like Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, they fall under the character strengths linked to transcendence and meaning. They connect us to each other, our world and also to ourselves.

We are so fortunate- and grateful!- to have ways to keep in touch at this time. Here are some ways that Tautoru has stayed connected through Seesaw this week:

Sharing my home music practice

Using Seesaw from home

Home learning- writing

We realise that staying connected to learning will help while staying at home during the school holidays. As well as the links we shared this week, here is a list of some links that the whole family can use to learn and for fun:

Bedtime Maths-  Daily maths problems for the whole family. There are also technology-free maths challenges. This is an American website so some of the measurements are in imperial units.

Scholastic - reading and writing activities for all levels

Art Projects for kids - loads of easy to follow tutorial.

National Geographic for kids- animals, animals, animals!

NZ Geographic- Together at Home loads of NZ based ideas to explore and easy at home challenges.

Te Ara- New Zeland Encyclopedia Type in your keywords and find out about our history, our stories, our environment. The collection is interactive with stories and videos.

Last of all, don't forget to get some of that daily Vitamin D by going outside and staying active... at a distance. Notice the world outdoors even if it's just when looking outside the window. How many birds visit your home? What kind are they? What critters live in our backyard? What is flowering at the moment? Draw, label and write about what you see. This is Our Blue Planet!

If you can't head outside, how about some dancing?

Or join the March Maker Ed Marble Run Challenge

We look forward to connecting again after the school holidays! Aroha nui!

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  1. I'm loving your posts. The energy is so fabulous - thinking of you all-Jude