Thursday, 16 November 2017

Environmental writing

Lately at writing we have been able to choose where we write and we have used the fine weather to get outside and write about the environment or about something we love. We can choose to write on the ipad, on paper with felts or coloured pencils, in our writing books, on the blackboard using chalk or on the whiteboard. We love it when we get to choose where to write.
Here are a couple of pieces of writing from today.

I can see lots of nature and the most beautiful one is the pohutakawa. It has beautiful flowers. The flowers are green, red and yellow. I feel lucky to have lots of nature around the school.

The ocean is blue like water. It is sparkly like glitter. The ocean is shiny like a diamond. It is sparkly when you look at it. The ocean is nice and it is calm like a wind. It is blue like paint.

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