Tuesday, 21 November 2017


Scott and Wanwan's literacy group have been learning about alliteration. We wrote a paragraph using the first letter of our name along with words that included the same sound.

Creative Cameron crushed Coco’s caper castle keeping Karen crying crumbs while catching killer creative cranberries. Colin cracked kinder eggs carefully so Coco can create cracking coconut creatures craving Karens creamy conditioner.

We edited this piece of writing and have published them ready for display. 

Hacker Hadley hacked hardcase Hanna.
How had hacker Hadley hacked hardcase Hanna?
Harry helped hacker Hadley hack Hanna’s house. “Hurry Hanna”  harked Hadley.
Hoping he had his hacking hat handy.

Matthias makes marshmallow monsters.  

Mae makes monsters milk.

Mum makes metal moustaches.

Melanie makes magic mince.
Molly makes maze maps.

We will draw a picture using a word from our paragraph for the classroom. Come in and check them out!

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