Wednesday, 6 June 2018

I Am Powerful Plan

Life is full of great moments and moments when things don't go the way we thought that they would. How do we learn to make the best choices when we are feeling angry or mad or sad?

Tautoru has been learning about different emotions over the past weeks, and now we have begun to learn about the Thinking Brain and the Emotional Brain. These two brains -or parts of our brain- help us to understand how we feel and make decisions about how we act. The scientific terms are the prefrontal cortex (Thinking Brain) and the amygdala (Emotional Brain).

But what do we do when the Emotional Brain gets overwhelmed? How can we come back to our Thinking Brain and make a good decision? We have been learning different ways to calm our Emotional Brain by breathing. Have a look at some ideas here:

We have made a plan so we can be powerful and make better choices when situations get tricky.

We started by thinking of some things that might provoke our Emotional Brain, then brainstormed what character strengths might help us get back to our Thinking Brain.

Now we have a plan for when we might face challenges, and we will be practising how to make our brains powerful and make a good choice. Our plans might change over time as we learn more.

We would love to share some of the different breathing strategies that we have learned so ask us and we can show.

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