Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Kaitiaki groups update - Team Worm

Our Kaitiaki groups have been busy creating prototypes for bird feeders, which will soon be tested in the wet and wild Wellington weather, Team Pollinators have begun preparing the planter boxes, and Team Tree are busy creating signs and posters to inform the community about showing care in our environment.

Team Worm have been researching facts about worms, learning about their needs, and their very  important role in our gardens and within the soil.

Fact #1 - The life span of a worm is 4 -5 years.

We have also created designs for our own worm farms. The plan is to create 3 or 4 smaller worm farms for the class in order to understand what we need to do to keep the worms happy, the type of food they need, and how we can use the worm wee; look out Team Trees !

Flow chart for creating a worm farm.

We spent an afternoon this week digging in our school gardens investigating the types of worms we have. It was great to get outside after a week of rain and cold weather.

We are happy to report that our gardens were filled with worms of varying sizes and energy levels. After spending some time observing them in the classroom we returned them home.

We were lucky to have a box of Tiger worms delivered to school this week and we hope to have our worm farms up and running this week.

Pop into Tautoru and introduce yourself !

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