Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Mindfullness Tuesday

Before heading to swimming on Tuesday we were lucky to have the students from Autahi join us in Tautoru. The students worked through a number of different activities that had a mindfulness focus.

Some of the activities were quite challenging and required a significant amount of focus to complete. Shona worked with a group of students and taught them how to finger knit. You may notice a number of creative bracelets, headbands, or worms around the class or even at home!

Another group followed a very engaging and fun Star Wars yoga routine with Darth Vader breathing and Yoda poses.

There was also a beading group. Our fine motor skills were getting a good work out at this station. We were able to see the students using and developing a number of character strengths along with working independently and in teams to complete activities. As the weather remained wet and wild outside their was a calming focus inside the classroom.  

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