Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Perspective and New Ideas

We have been learning a bit more about the character strength of Perspective. We can describe it as:
- looking at things in different ways.
- finding different ways to solve a problem.
- making a different choice.

We read the book "The Most Magnificent Thing" and discovered how the main character's perspective changed, and how she used the help of a friend to get a new perspective. Now we know that we can ask other people for their perspective too!

Some of us used perspective by coming up with different ideas when using a set number of sticks and found different ways to arrange them.

Some of us thought about a problem and our buddies had to think of different ways to solve the problem.

Perspective links to how we are thinking of different ways to solve maths problems during Number Talks

After swimming, the year 3's and year 4's are getting together and sharing their writing. We are using buddy feedback to give us a new perspective on our writing.

Perspective is very useful in lots of different ways!

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