Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Ready, Set, Go!

Nau mai, haere mai! Welcome everyone to the beginning of our new school year. Tautoru has been a hive of calm but excited activity to begin the year. It has been a lovely time to see all those Autahi buddies that we met last year move into our learning space.

We'd like to make a special welcome to Cat Bland who is completing her Masters of Education with us this year. You will see her joining in the wonderful learning space that is Tautoru throughout this year. Also a big welcome to James Kyle, our new teacher in the team, and to Leo Mishking and his whānau to Worser Bay school.

We have been busy making connections and revisiting the character strengths of Kindness and Perseverance. We have been thinking about how we can be kind to each other by becoming Bucket Fillers with acts of kindness, and we’ve been spotting each other being kind.

We have also revisited how a growth mindset and perseverance can help us tackle new challenges. These are a few images of us trying something new and using our Growth Mindset to persevere. We tried things like juggling, bounding balls, conquering the monkey bars and skipping. We know that new learning is tricky and we need to use our growth mindset as we launch into a new learning year.

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