Saturday, 9 February 2019

Global Play Day

How do we learn through play? How is play important? How can play help us to practise our character strengths? Those were some of the questions we discussed as we launched into celebrating Global Play Day.

Global Play Day is an annual event celebrated around the world where children explore learning through play. Learning about teamwork, kindness, relationships, perseverance, zest, creativity, curiosity and all those other important character strengths that also help us be great learners.
Zest and teamwork

Perseverance and bravery 



Teamwork and creativity

Prudence, teamwork and love of learning

Curiosity, perseverance and love of learning- this puzzle was tricky!

We had a wonderful day getting to know new friends, trying new games, negotiating over ideas and enjoying the great spaces in our classroom and school. Play is one of the ways we learn and help our brains to grow.

If you haven't seen this video before, Professor Peter Gray describes how play is important for learning and wellbeing. Don't forget to make some time to play too!

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