Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Inquiry- We are exploring the changes of the sun, moon and earth

The Inquiry Cycle: I am Exploring

For our inquiry focus this term, we have been exploring and learning through different activities about the relationship between the sun, earth and moon, and some of the changes we can observe from earth. We are also finding answers to some of our original questions:

Where does the sun go at night?
What is the sun made out of? Why is it hot?
Why does the moon look different sometimes?
If the sun is a star, how come we see it during the day and we see the stars at night?

Here are some of our activities and what we have discovered.

The Sun

The sun is a medium size star. Other stars are even bigger than our sun but they are very far away that's why they look so small.

When stars are further away they look smaller and we don't feel their heat. Our sun is much closer so we get lots of light and heat from it.

The sun is always shining, but as our earth rotates, different sides get sunlight and heat. This makes day and night.

The Moon

The moon orbits our earth like the earth orbits the sun. The moon is made of rock and reflects the light of the sun like a mirror. We see the side of the moon that the sun is shining on.

For the next stage of the inquiry cycle, we will be Sorting and Creating from we have learned. We may even have some new questions to wonder about.

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