Monday, 18 February 2019

Our Inquiry- The Earth, Our Home

We have begun our new inquiry: The earth, our home. This inquiry will take us to space as we explore our place in the solar system and learn about the changes that we observe between the sun, earth and moon. We will be focusing on growing our scientific skills of questioning, observing and recording like scientists using tools such as role play, diagrams and models.  Our character strengths of perseverance, teamwork, creativity and of course, curiosity, will help us on our journey.

Our Learner Attribute for this term is I am a goal setter. This attribute is about growing the capacity to clarify what I know, what I don't know YET,  think of steps to help me learn (such as asking questions, observing, creating and sharing ideas), and then share my new understanding when I've learned it.

So off we go in our new inquiry journey!

I Am Curious

First, we gathered our questions in the 'I Am Curious' stage. We are wondering about things like:

Why is the moon out during the day and why do you only sometimes see part of the moon?
Where does the sun go at night?
What is a star?
Why do we only see the Milky Way in certain places?
What are the seasons?
How do the seasons change? What causes these changes?

First Ideas

We then collected our first ideas: Where does the sun go at night? This will give us a starting point to see how much our understanding grows over time and how our thinking changes from what we thought at the beginning. Here are some of our first ideas that will grow over time as we learn:

I Am Exploring

Next, we will launch into our 'I Am Exploring' phase where we will experience information in different ways to grow our understanding and answer our questions, beginning with our visit to Space Place. I wonder what discoveries we'll make and what new questions we will have?

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