Thursday, 5 May 2022

Food for plants and food for thinking

This term our Learner Attribute is I am a Thinker. This is all about solving problems, questioning, sharing ideas and making thinking visible. We used a gardening opportunity to stretch our thinking!

We will be inquiring into how plants change in different ways. To spark our curiosity we celebrated International Compost Awareness Week! At school we have a thriving composting space, so we tapped into it to help us learn about compost. We did some weeding and added the compost to get our garden beds ready for more planting.

We found lots of very interesting creatures in the compost. 

After we investigated the compost, we gathered some questions that we will use for our inquiry into how plants change. Here are some of our questions:
- How was compost invented?
- What creatures live in the compost?
- How does it feed plants?

We also wrote about our exciting morning in the garden. Here is some of our writing:

Today we put the compost on the plants in the garden beds. I saw earthworms in the compost . I saw little bugs too. When I went to the garden, Ximena showed us the compost. The compost was full of worms, apple cores, paper, little bugs and centipedes- Dhitya

Today we put compost on the plants in the garden. I found a worm. It was tiny. I put it in the planter pot. We also put some soil in the ground. We also pulled out some weeds and we saw some centipedes. and worms and a mango seed and a lavander. It smelled sweet and it was purple and some strawberries. They had yellow seeds and it was red. Leo

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