Thursday, 19 May 2022

Cross Country Race

 We had such a wonderful time at our school cross country. We used lots of our Grit Strategies that we learned last term, like positive self-talk, to give ourselves encouragement and persevere in the race. We also used this as an opportunity to write using our senses, in particular, explain how we were feeling.

Here are some of our stories from the day:

I watched Autahi. John finally called us up. We ran. I felt like I was about to fall. I caught myself. I was 10th place. Arthur

First we watched Autahi run. Then our class raced each other. I was feeling very good and I was happy too. I had lots of fun. It was good. The parents were watching us. They were cheering for us. The teachers were watching too. I felt proud. I was tired but it was good. - Thomas

Ximena shouted “Line up Tautoru!” I went to the starting line. John shouted “ready, set, go!” but before that he tricked us a bit then we ran like the wind. I went in bare feet. I went really fast, then I slowed down then I got to the grass. I went fast again and people cheered me on. I went onto the sand again ad came in 6th place- Finn G

I could hear people cheering me on. Ximena shouted “Keep going!” When it was our turn my heart was pumping. “Get ready set go” John shouted. I sprinted when we came to the hill and my legs were hurting. I said to myself “I can do it” When I came to the grass my legs were really hurting. When I came to the drive, it was really close to the finish line. Finally I came to the finish line I was so proud. I came 10th place.

“Get ready, set, go” shouted John. I sprinted along the beach. My heart was pumping, my arms and legs were getting sore. But I kept going. I sprinted up the hill and around the corner. I heard people cheering at me. Finally I crossed the finish line. I was so puffed out but I still had fun. Olive

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