Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Hands-on Maths Learning

 This week we have focused on Measurement during our Maths lessons. Measurement is always a great area of Maths where we can launch into learning with a hands-on approach. This sparks a lot of Positive Engagement and Positive Emotions with the children!

Some of us started by learning about measuring volume with measuring jugs. Our buddies filled the jugs up with water and then we had to use our careful looking eyes to measure how many millilitres of water there was. Water was spilled here, there, EVERYWHERE! Lucky it was just water!
The next day we started working out the difference between amounts of water in jugs. Questions were asked like "How many millilitres more is there in 'this' jug compared to 'this' jug?" "How do you know?" "What's one way you could work that out?" "What might be another strategy?" This was a great chance for us to apply some addition and subtraction strategies we have been learning about.

Others got into measuring weight and converting between grams and kilograms.

Make sure to ask your child at home what they've been doing in Maths this week!

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