Thursday, 23 September 2021

We have mail!

Earlier in the year, waayyyyyyy back in the start of March, we did lots of learning about the Mars Rover named Perseverance. We wrote descriptions about the rover, we wrote descriptions of Mars, we wrote about how it landed on Mars and we wrote reports on what happened pretending to be news reporters. You name it, we wrote about it!
Towards the end of our learning, we wrote letters to NASA to ask questions.

This week we received an exciting letter in the mailbox. It was addressed from NASA. As soon as the bell went and we had done the roll on Monday morning, we cracked open the letter. NASA thanked us for the letters, gave us some amazing badges from some of the space missions as well as some very inspirational thoughts. They reminded us that amongst the tamariki in Tautoru there may be, one day not too far away, someone who will be able to visit space.

This shows us how powerful our voice and our writing can be! We can communicate with people that work at NASA and find out new information!

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