Friday, 23 March 2018

Growth Mindset and PE

This week we started our PE rotation in Tautoru. Our focus is on using a growth mindset to learn small ball skills.

We have been learning how to bounce and catch and also how to bounce pass with a tennis ball so that we can eventually play Four Square.


Down at bottom court we used the wall to practise throwing against and learning how to catch the rebound ball.

Our other rotation is hockey. We have been practising how to hold our stick, do short and long passes and keep our ball close to our stick as we travel.

At all of these rotations we have had to use a growth mindset to learn skills we can't do YET. We know that the more we practise the better we wil get. The character strengths that we have had to use are Perserverance, Zest, Self-Regulation and Humour.

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