Friday, 23 March 2018

Building Positive Relationships Through Digital Citizenship ...

The Year 3's have been pretty excited over the last few weeks....they've finally got their very own gmail account!!

Along with a gmail account comes lots of discussion and learning about Digital Citizenship and how to keep safe online.

Part of our discussion has been focused on how we can build positive relationships through the use of digital technology. We unpacked what a Citizen means - belonging to a community. Then we worked together with a buddy to think about how we want to be remembered online (digital footprint).

With our buddy we completed this Venn Diagram. We recorded thoughts about how we wanted to be remembered at WBS and Online. We noticed that we had lots of similar ideas for both communities. Some of our ideas were: leaders, kind, brave, respectful, friendly, responsible, role models.

We also had lots of fun coming up with role play scenarios in small groups. Each group was given a scenario of when something may have gone wrong or wasn't quite right whilst using digital technology. We had to come up with an act in our group to show what we should do in each scenario.

Lots of us had to use our bravery and sense of humour to get up on stage and perform these role plays! 

This week we are learning how to send an email! We have a 'secret' buddy that we are going to email a compliment to. We hope it makes their day!

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