Saturday, 29 October 2016

Assembly 28.11.16

Thank you to our great presenters demonstrating their character strengths of bravery and leadership!

Speaking beautifully about becoming a published illustrator

*Becoming* an illustrator *by Liam*
My teacher at art class (Stephany Woodman) told me about this Toi Toi magazine for kids.
It was created by NZ kids and to be selected I had to submit a few drawings that I felt proud of.

So I drew some practise pictures and found some awesome drawings from the past.

 I asked mum and dad if these drawings were good, they said “Yes, they look good’’,
But that’s just the start of it. There's heaps more to go.

A few days later it was art class again, Stephanie woodman asked “Did you submit some drawings to the Toi Toi magazine”? “Yes, I did.” I said quite nervously. “Oh, good, because there’s been 800 submissions.
“800 kids’’! I whispered to myself. Weeks had passed and I was still waiting for the answer, will I be selected or not? I wondered.

  After school one day mum drove me and my sister back to our house,on the way mum
Said to me”I have a surprise for you” “a surprise, please mum can you tell me”
sorry, but not yet”.
   We arrived back home, Dad had the computer ready. An email from Toi Toi said “Dear Liam Struthers, 800 people have submitted. You  were one who was chosen to become an illustrator for Toi Toi magazine, your story is called Rugby in the Mud The deadline is 2 weeks. From Charlotte"
I did two practise pictures and then dad said ”maybe this could help you” he lifted a    
     Big, heavy, book it said... Rugby history I was sketching the picture really carefully
     On page 46.
I was pleased with the final version, so I sent my picture to Charlotte. Now I was going to get published!
I checked through the post. No sign of the parcel.
That's when I come to school. Jude comes walking through the class. We were in the middle of literacy. She had a yellow book in her hand.She spoke ”Hello Tautoru” she said quite excitedly “I looked in the post today and I opened it.” “It was a yellow book it said on the front it said Toi Toi kids becoming artists all over New Zealand” I felt nervous inside is it me or is it not me?

She kept on talking “And I looked through and I looked through...and I saw a cool piece of art I read the writing was very cool too, but when I looked who the illustrator was” she paused for a moment is it me or is it me or is it not me? She said ”Liam S...” uh oh, time to come forward and speak to the class. She said to me “now, Liam how did you really become an illustrator”?
Now everyone Knows and I get to keep the magazine.

Well done to all of those students who got a principal award!

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