Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Native trees at WBS

During Inquiry we have been looking at the native trees and plants around Worser Bay School. We didn't realise we had so many! ...... Pohutukawa, kowhai, puriri, lacewood, kawakawa, manuka, kanuka, harakeke, ngaio, to name a few. In literacy we talked about how we could teach other people about the trees, so that they know too. We have made some little books to tell people about the shape of the leaves and what the leaves could be used for. Did you know that a ngaio tree leaf could be a parachute for a grasshopper, or a skateboard for an ant? And the kawakawa could be a blanket for a centipede or a love heart for a necklace?                   
We have learnt all about publishing and how important it is to spell the words correctly, use punctuation, make sure the writing makes sense and draw colourful pictures so the readers are interested.

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