Wednesday, 7 March 2018

I Am a Thinker- Kids Led Learning

How many different kinds of learning are there? What if kids can lead their learning?

Our learner attribute for this term is 'I am a thinker.'  Part of being a thinker is solving problems, having and sharing ideas, and organising my ideas. In Tautoru we have periods of Kids Led Learning when we are not in a learning workshop. We can choose different kinds of learning to do to practise our orgnisation of ideas and problem-solving. This might include different challenges, choice writing or creating with our imagination.

Here are a few of the Kids Led Learning from this week.

The Marble Run Challenge: Create a marble run using a paper plate.

The Paper Bag Puppet Challenge: Design and make a puppet using a paper bag

The Buddy Writing Challenge: Create a story with a buddy.

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