Monday, 7 November 2016

Zero Waste Movie

Z will be holding their annual Safety Day in late November, an event that brings 600 Z staff and friends together to share lessons about their company’s values and changes they can make in their lives to benefit people and the planet. They are aiming to make this a Zero Waste event this year, and will use the day to inspire their staff and guests to continue to reduce their waste.

They asked us to share what we have been doing at school to reduce waste. They came in to make a short 3 minute movie. Some of our students were interviewed to find out what they think about environmental issues.

Violeta: We gave advice to the people filming us today. The advice was about not using plastic. We also asked them why would some people just throw plastic in the rubbish bin? They asked us what we do at school to reduce our rubbish. We take our rubbish home. We reuse, reduce, recyle and refuse! They should change the wrapping of the food in the supermarket.

Jupiter: We told them what we have been doing to try and stop plastic pollution and what we are passionate about.

Leola: We told them what we do at home with plastic and what we do with it. We recycle and we reuse it a lot. Sometimes we make things to reuse rubbish. We are really creative and try and reuse things. We told them that getting rid of plastic would be a good idea. If I had a time machine, I would go back when plastic was invented and tell the King not to accept the invention.

Greta: We filmed in pairs. We talked to the interviwers about plastic bags. We shouldn’t get them! We need to not use them as much as we can. They are not good for the environment and kill animals- not just the sea animals. We said something together at the end.

Edward: We told them about plastic pollution and global heating- the blanket made of gas on the earth that stops sun rays getting out. This causes global heating and it will eventually explode the earth.

Hadley: We had to think of something to say at the end. My idea was, “Save the World!”

Liam: So many people are chopping down trees as well. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. The trees do the opposite. If we destroy trees then there will be less oxygen for us to breathe in.


  1. That sounds awesome! At our school we put our scraps in the worm bin and two people in our class look after it. We have something called Nude food. It's when you have no glad wrap or plastics in your lunchbox, just containers you can reuse. We sometimes have a class competition to see who can get the most nude food lunch boxes!

    1. Thank you for your comment Room 15,

      We love the idea of Nude Food. What a great idea. We like the idea of the competition too.


      Nicola and Tautoru