Thursday, 10 November 2016

Our students have been writing their own end of year reports linked to character strengths

Lily Ji
Lily’s key character strength is bravery. When she hurts herself she is brave. She loves to do computer maths. She loves to do cartwheels and flips. Hand stands are her goal. Lily is very creative. She loves to do art. She can weave a heart. Lily loves to read, it is one of her favourite things to do. She likes to read Alice in Wonderland. She thinks that the story is magical. She thinks that it is the coolest book in the world. Lily loves playing on the iPad and playing games. She loves hopscotch, climbing trees and planting. Lily loves playing outside with her friends.

Molly's key character strengths are love, kindness and creativity. She loves to learn and she is helping her friends when they are hurt. Molly loves to write she is creating new things every day. Molly likes playing with her friends every day. Molly likes helping her teachers.

Ginas report
Ginas key character strength is zest and a bit of bravery. She enjoyed the kitchen science and tasting of the athlete snacks. She loves to read. She has got a lot of friends. If she could play all day she would. She is a big Minecraft fan. Gina has 2 bunnies and she loves animals. She is sporty smart and ... awesome!  

Marnie’s year in Tautoru!!
Marnie’s key character strengths are kindness and creativity, Marnie likes reading and doing art. She likes learning new things and playing with her friends every day and helping them when they are hurt. Marnie always likes helping teachers too.  

Jupiter’s character strength is creativity. He enjoys walking, sports, lego and video games. He is very joyful he has a lot of friends that he likes to play with. Jupiter shows resilience when he is sad. Jupiter sets goals. He is very smart. He like’s maths.

Nela’s report
Nela’s best character strength is a sense of humour. Nela’s favorite subject at school is reading. Nela likes helping anyone who needs help like students and teachers. Nela’s best subject is writing.
she loves animals because they are cute and awesome. She loves sport. Nela has lots of friends and family and she loves them too. She has also a lot of teachers that she loves!

Violeta’s best character strength is creativity. She likes to read and draw. Violeta likes hatchimals. She has lots of friends. Violeta likes to be helpful. She enjoyed a trip to Island Bay to teach Spanish. She loves soft toys. She writes two pages in quiet time. She likes to play with her friends. Violeta likes to climb trees. Violeta enjoys doing handwriting. She uses a lot of bravery. She loves cute animals. Her thing to calm her down is climbing. She usually goes to the library every day. She uses resilience when she gets upset. Violeta also likes writing long stories. She doesn't like avocado.

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