Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Mystery Skype with Bailey Road School in Auckland

Some people from Tautoru have been doing some Mystery skype on Monday. We'll tell you all about it!
Isn't it exciting!

How to play Mystery Skype:
First, you have to say to a person that you want to know what your email is, and say that you want to do Mystery Skype.

Mystery Skype is when you skype someone or some people and guess where they live.
You take one question at a time, and ask some proper questions (not silly ones.)
Here are some suggestions:
Are you in New Zealand?
Are you in the South Island?
Do you live in a big city?
And lots more…

The school that we skyped was Bailey Road School in Auckland.

By Liam and Hadley

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  1. Thank you for connecting with us on Monday. We really enjoyed learning about where in Wellington you were from.