Monday, 14 November 2016

Logo Design for International Friendship Day: Using Google Drawing

In October, Nicola visited Singapore as part of an Asia NZ Foundation delegation. Nicola visited Bukit Timah School. Worser Bay School have continued to connect and collaborate with Bukit Timah.

Inspired by the way that Bukit Timah School celebrate culture and diversity, Worser Bay are going to celebrate International Friendship Day next year.

"International Friendship Day" is celebrated in Singapore. This day is dedicated to the understanding of Singapore’s relations with its neighbours and aims to nurture the spirit of friendship and collaboration among different people.

International Friendship Day is celebrated in schools in Singapore in April.

Worser Bay School will celebrate International Friendship Day in 2017 and have started a project for 2017. Schools around the world will make short movie about their country and culture. Schools have signed up from across the globe.

The schools that have signed up are from: Ireland, England, USA, Canada, Moldova, Trinidad, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Canada, Luxembourg, Australia, Philippines, China, Romania, Taiwan, Gambia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Morocco, United Arab Emirates and Japan.

Our students have been designing logos using Google Drawing for international Friendship Day. Students from Auroa School in Taranaki have also been working on logos. If you are a classroom or a teacher you can sign up here.

Watch this space...


  1. The students of Tautoru and Nicola
    What a fantastic design - I really enjoyed watching the video that went with the presentation that showed all of the different ideas that you have come up with. Using Kizoa made it look really professional as well - did you know that I have never used Kizoa like this, just as a slideshow maker so seeing it used as a movie like that was great!
    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki.

    1. Thanks Mr Webb and Room Three,
      We were inspired to use Kizoa after watching your movie about lamb and calf day.
      Nicola and Tautoru