Monday, 14 November 2016

Imagine Poems

We read a poem called Imagine by Pie Corbett. We closed our eyes and imagined. We played with words to paint a picture. Some of us used repitition, similes, metaphor, alliteration and personification.

A hot moon and a cold sun
A worm with a bazooka chasing a bird
The solar system exploding
A bee chasing a car
Count Dooku was tiny
A Jedi defending Darth Vader
Kylo Ren destroying his own base
Plastic bags were not made of plastic
A Jedi with the lightning force
You don't see yourself in a mirror
Peace is war
Everyone was bald
The sun was not light
By William

imagine a thirsty drink bottle waiting for water.
Imagine… a dull pencil waiting to get sharpened.
Imagine… a sharp hook waiting for a crazy fish.
imagine yummy food waiting to get eaten.
imagine chewing waiting to get chewed.
imagine hair waiting to get shaved .
Imagine… lases waiting to get tied.
Imagine… a tooth waiting to fall out.
By Cruz

Imagine .
Imagine a bad bumblebee biting your bum.
A cat sprinting after a dog.
A princess riding a tricycle.
Imagine a pink fluffy unicorn dancing on a rainbow .
A queen riding on a sparkly unicorn wearing board shorts and sweaty t-shirt.
A goblin turning blue and a blueberry turning green.
Imagine a tiny kitten breathing fire and setting fire to a house.
One orangutan eating an orange while sitting on an oblon.
John jiggling joyfully jumping on a jam jar.
Imagine glasses giggling grimfully. .
A huge mouse in a tiny house.
Imagine all that.
By Nela 


A beautiful butterfly blushing,
A hippo hating hip hop dancing,
A chameleon crawling carefully
Along a colourful cantaloupe.

A water as angry as a rhino,
A rose as pink as a pig,
A moon as big as a balloon.

An avalanche is a cheetah,
A piece of watermelon in a watery sea,
A tornado is as angry Pikachu.
By Edward

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