Monday, 17 October 2016

Video Call with Bukit Timah School/ Singapore

We did a video call with Bukit Timah Primary School on the 15th of October. Nicola went to visit this school last term!
They asked a lot of  questions and we asked a lot of questions. They answered a lot of questions and we answered a lot of questions. They have around 900 pupils and they have 20 ish pupils in a class.
Singapore does have a few lightning storms because they have a very hot climate so most of them wear shorts or skirts.
They asked us if our teachers are fierce. We told them that our teachers are funny.
You might think it is an old school because they do have lots of desks.
They speak Tamil, English, Malay and Chinese and a lot of other different languges.
We enjoyed our video call with Bukit Timah School and we look forward to doing it again soon.  
By Edward and Ridley


  1. Wow! I think a video call with an another class is brilliant! The grade six students at our school get to travel to Singapore and I am excited for that. We did a video call with an Olympic athlete KC Fraser and it was an amazing experience . We talked about growth mindset and sport training. Would you be interested in video calling with us?

    1. Thank you for the comment Gina. Wow! That is great that students go to Singapore. Where is your school? We would love to video skype with you. Thanks, Nicola